St. Patrick’s Days Pats





Lifting up your dress of green,

Pulling down panties, a pair I hadn't seen.

For they were a green color too,

I then said over the knee for you.


I made you as comfortable as I could,

Then got the paddle made of wood.

But its shamrock shaped made it unique,

And you twisted back to take a peek.


I then gave your bottom a Good Girl Spanking,

Smacking then rubbing that had you thanking.

Your Saint Paddle’s day treat was being served,

To give you the enjoyment you richly deserved.


When it was over you gave me a HUG,

Then I gave you a little shrug.

My only regret for your spanking today,

Was that I turned your bum red I must say.


I wish I could have on this ST. PADDY'S day,

Given you a green bottom, I smilingly say.

I then got out the cream, that today is green,

Your smile broadens as you survey the scene.


You lay down again looking down at the rug,

But not before of course giving me a big hug.

I rub the cream in till your feeling divine,

And I feel the tremors through your spine.


There my dear, as I lift you up for a HUG,

Giving your green panties a nice gentle tug.

So they are right back in their proper place,

Letting your skirt drop to a smile on your face.


 Now you can proudly feel the warmth in your cheeks,

Not that it will last but I keep taking a few peeks.

And repeat a few refreshers to keep its nice glow,

Even though it’s not something that you can proudly show.