At His Office

Here we have Eric hard at work in his office.  He is looking over a very important report he had dictated earlier to his young secretary.  She was quite new in his office, and she was somewhat careless in her work, so Eric had learned the hard way to look over all her work very carefully before allowing it to be sent on.

Now as he read the document he first frowned, then cursed softly.

“Angela” he bellowed.

His office door opened and a young dark haired beauty entered the room, her face wearing a very worried expression.

“Sir?  You wished to see me?” she asked timidly.  Eric looked up at her.  He waved the report under her nose vigorously.

“What is the meaning of this?  I have never seen such sloppy work in all my life”

 “I simply will not tolerate such careless work in this office, young lady.  You are going to be punished and punished severely for this atrocious work of yours”.

“Oh, sir” the young woman cried bowing her dark head in shame, “oh please don’t, sir, oh I  will redo the report, sir, I’ll correct all the errors”.  She looked down pleadingly at her stern employer.  The man opened his top middle drawer and took out a black riding crop.  He held it up for his trembling secretary to see.


“Yes you will redo the work, my girl, and do it right.  But first I am going to give you a good spanking, one you will not forget soon. Now bend over.”

A blushing trembling young secretary meekly bent over, putting both palms down on top of her boss’ desk.  He pushed her forward slightly with his left hand on her shoulder, then tapped her firm ass with the crop.

“You have had the stick before, have you not?” he asked for the record, knowing full well he had spanked her with it more than 4 times in the short period she had worked for him.




“Uh, yes, sir, I have” she murmured sadly, tears now forming in her dark eyes.  She hated these spankings but the job paid well and she accepted them as part of her duties.  Eric lashed her tempting behind six times with the crop, all over her white dress.  She winced with each and called out softly,

“Oooh, oh I am sorry, sir, I’ll do better”.  He smiled contentedly.  It was time now to raise her skirt and to spank her on her flimsy knickers.  He hiked the white dress till it was high up on her back exposing all of her firm ass to his view and to his blows.

Her firm round buttocks now appeared clad in a pair of white lacy knickers.  He pushed her down even farther over his desk top wanting to force that tempting behind of hers into greater prominence.  He then swung the black crop across both her bottom cheeks firmly and slowly.  She now cried out aloud in pain with each brisk stroke.  The crop stung her soft curves badly.  Tears rolled down her flushed cheeks and her round breasts heaved excitedly under her dress top.

Her spanking that afternoon was not overly long.  He had given her much longer harder ones in the past.  But the report she had messed up had to go out that day in the post, so he wanted her to have time to redo it.  Besides he would have another opportunity to spank her, he was certain of that.  Next time, he thought happily, next time I can take my time and spank her like she deserves to be spanked.

He stopped, rubbed her throbbing buttocks through her white lacy knickers but briefly, then growled,

“Very well, that will do for now.  Take this report out and redo it.  And get it done so we can put it in today’s post.  And, my girl…”

“Yes, sir?” she blubbered as she wiped her dark eyes and rubbed her aching bottom in that order.

“You had better do it properly this time, or I’ll spank you 3 times as long and 4 times as hard as I just did.  Do  you understand me?”

“Oh, yes, sir, I do, sir.  OH I’ll do a good job, sir” she cried anxiously.  He nodded.  She hurried out of his office carrying the offending report in her hands.  Eric returned the riding crop to the desk drawer, pushed back in his swivel chair and sighed loudly.

“Being the boss certainly is a very tough job” he mused with a broad grin.  The vision of his young secretary bending over with that mouthwatering ass of hers on view stayed before his eyes.