A Bet is a Bet

Copyright 2001

by Kree

She couldn't believe the game last night. New York lost. And they
lost bad! She'd received a phone call as the game was ending
reminding her of their bet. Yeah, yeah, she'd told him. Yeah, yeah.
He was enjoying this far too much for her liking. It was a tease bet,
one made in jest but he was taking it seriously. She was so sure New
York would win that when he suggested they bet on it, she agreed ...
"So what are we betting?" she asked him. Visions of sexual positions
floated through her mind. They'd been seeing each other for months
and besides his good looks, he was very good in bed!

"A spanking." he told her. She stared at him. What had he said? A

"A spanking" he repeated. "The loser goes over the knee of the
winner, butt completely naked, and the loser receives three whacks
for every point difference. Well? I don't hear you bragging now."

"I'm thinking" she told him. Hmmmmmmmmm. How cute his butt would look
over her knees. She may even enjoy turning his bottom red. The idea
of getting spanked always made her heart flutter but giving one? It
was a new concept to her, but it was worth a try.



"All right" she agreed. And just as their hands were touching in a
handshake to seal the bargain he added "with a wooden paddle." She
tried to jerk her hand out of his, but he wouldn't let go. It was

She arrived at work and tried to pretend nothing was different. The
final score kept running through her mind. 34 - 7 and her team was
the 7. That's a 27 point difference! Multiply that by 3 and that's a
total of 81 whacks? Oh god. He met her as she walked in the crowded
office and whispered "Stay after work and meet me in my office. We'll
get this over with quickly." She'd shivered at his words. Quickly?
How do you administer 81 whacks quickly?

She ignored him and tried to pretend she'd never made the bet. But he
would find her everywhere. At the copy machine, at her desk, near the
storage cabinet, everywhere! Even in the cafeteria, he sat at the
table in front of her and told her that if she didn't appear in his
office after work on her own, he would find her and the number would
be five times per point instead of three.

God, she wished he would just stop reminding her. She couldn't eat
her lunch. Her stomach kept churning in a way she'd never known was
possible. She watched the clock all afternoon. It moved so slowly at
times and moved too fast for her liking at others. She couldn't do
it. She couldn't go through with it. She knew it as sure as she was
sitting there worrying. She couldn't do it. She waited for the
clock's minute hand to reach the top and she bolted.
Her hands were shaking when she reached her car parked in the garage
under the building. She had trouble inserting the key, they were
shaking so bad. She looked around quickly to make sure he hadn't
followed her when she felt a hand cover hers and silently remove the
keys from her fingers.

"Going somewhere?" he asked in a smooth voice.

"Yyyyes" she stuttered. "I'd just remembered. We can't do this
tonight. I have a very important mmmmmmeeting in the morning and I
have so much work to do to prepare. We'll have to make plans for
another night. Now may I have my keys?"

"Well now" he told her. "If I didn't know better, I would have
thought you were trying to renege on our bet." His voice was too
sickeningly sweet for her liking when he continued. "I'll tell you
what. I'll give you a choice. You can walk with me back to my office
and take your spanking in private like a good girl, or we can proceed
right here. Either way, we made a bet, we shook hands on it, you lost
and you WILL be spanked." He stood, patiently waiting for her

She looked around. People were beginning to enter the garage and
start heading for their cars. It was Monday. No one was in a hurry to
leave. She looked back at him then, and started to tell him that he
wouldn't dare. He raised his left eyebrow at her as if to reinforce
that he could and would! Her choice he'd said. Some choice.
"Dammit" she muttered as she slowly headed out of the garage.
They arrived at his office and she stood at the door, waiting. He
didn't speak to her but she could still hear shuffling from the main
room that told her not everyone had left. He was kindly waiting for
them to be alone but the waiting was driving her nuts. FINALLY, at 20
minutes after 5, he stood and grabbed a straight back chair and
placed it in the middle of his office. He went back to his desk and
took a long wooden paddle from one of his drawers.
He didn't speak to her, he just moved in silence. She watched him,
her knees beginning to shake a little. He sat in the chair and
crooked his index finger at her and patted his knees with his other
hand. She couldn't move. She froze where she was and she couldn't

"Don't make me come and get you" he warned her.

She believed him and headed to him. He kissed her then. Kissed her
right on the lips as if to make up for what he was about to do. "I'm
going to enjoy this. I've been wanting to do this for a long time,
and I'm going to enjoy this. Let's get started." That said, he yanked
her over his knees and she remained there, her hands touching the
floor on one side of his lap, her legs dangling on the other.

God, how embarrassing. She almost jumped up off his knees when he
began to raise her skirt but one hand at the bottom of her back held
her firm. He rubbed her panty clad bottom. "So soft. So smooth. I am
so glad the Ravens spanked New York. Now it's my turn to do some
spanking. Ready?"

Ready? Hell no, she wasn't ready! She would never be! She was about
to be spanked! Her humiliation continued as he put his finger in the
waistband of her panties and yanked!

"Nooooo! Nooooo!" she yelled at him.

"A bet is a bet" he reminded her. "Bare bottom spanking with a wooden
paddle. Do you remember how many whacks per point difference?"

"Yeah, yeah" she answered. "Three whacks per point difference."

He rested the cold wooden paddle on her naked cheeks as he
continued. "And what is the point difference?"

"27" she answered him.

"And how many whacks are you going to receive on your naked bottom?"
he asked.

"81" she answered, smiling to herself.

WHACK! "Wrong" he told her. "We have the issue of your running away
to deal with, now don't we? Now. One more time. How many whacks are
you going to receive on your naked bottom?"

She swallowed hard. "135" she whispered.

"Much better" he told her and rubbed her bottom with the paddle.
He waited. She wiggled. He waited. She could feel the cold hard
wooden paddle resting against her cheeks and she wiggled again. Will
he please get this over with? I can't stand the waiting!
Still he waited. Ohhhhh he was enjoying her position way too much for
her liking. She tried once more to push herself off his lap ready to
admonish him when WHACK! She slumped back down at the pain!

"Owwwwww" she cried. He wasn't spanking her hard, she knew that. But
he was spanking her and she WAS feeling everything. Each spank landed
where one had landed previous and the pain on her naked cheeks was
getting worse.

She tried stopping him. That only succeeded in him grabbing her wrist
and holding it fast at the bottom of her back.

She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes but she refused to
cry. She refused to say a word.

She couldn't take this, she couldn't. He was spanking her as if she
were a little girl and she couldn't take it. The "ow's" and "no's"
she kept saying didn't even penetrate her brain. They were automatic
as he continued spanking her.

She tried. She tried to stop the tears but they wouldn't stay. They
flowed down her face while she kept wiggling her butt at him, trying
to get her butt away from that swinging paddle.

He paused then. He once more rested the wooden paddle against her now
burning cheeks. She slumped on his lap. It was over. And she didn't
cry. She rested there, glad it was over.

"STOP THAT" she screamed at him. "That's really hurting now!"

"Good" he said through a smile. "A bet is a bet, and you shook on it
and your team lost. Pick a better team next time."

He continued spanking her until he heard her sobs. She cried like a
little baby. Sobs and hiccups and ... and .... she almost wanted to
tell him that she was sorry ......
He paused one more time. "I've lost count" he told her. "But I do
believe that ten more will make me happy and we'll call the bet even."

"Noooooooo" she wasn't yelling any more. "Please? No more. Please?"

"Ten more" he told her. And he did as he said he would.
He raised her from her position and seated her on his lap. He held
her close and let her finish her crying. She cried, oh she cried. It
was such a wonderful release to just let go that she hugged him back.
She didn't know why, but she was so glad he'd spanked her. It wasn't
as if she'd been punished, but it was enough for her to let go for
just that little while. She sat there, snuggling and felt so warm.
He kissed the top of her head and spoke. "Now. About your running
away .........."

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