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Final Flight Ministries - Walk 4 Christ 2000
Walk 4 Christ

We had the First Annual Walk For Christ. Tapes are going to be made soon. They are as follows... #1 - Concert 3PO(Includes all testimonials and Bens sermon)
#2 - Concert 3PO(Without the Testimonies and Sermon)
- #1 and #2 both include action from after the Concert!!!!
#3 - The Walk, the Sat. Service
#4 - Various clips from Saturday(Not Walk or Service)
#5 - The Promo Tape - 20 minutes of the fun from the weekend.... A Must Have!!!!
$$$ - Each Tape Cost's 3 dollars. This is just to cover the cost of the tape(No profits)!

I'll be posting info on how to order the tapes later!