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Final Flight Ministries - Summer Camp Out 2000
Summer Camp Out 2000
Hey, I just got back from the camp out. If you haven't been blessed to see me in all my sunburnt splendor.... lucky you. We went to the beach on Saturday, and our wonderful adult leaders thought it would be fun to stay in the sweltering sun for 6 hours. I didn't think it was that much fun. Now, the boat. That was awesome, I got to go tubing.... it was sweet. Now, our Saturday night service was awesome(As usual) lots of commitments, and that camp fire was filled with the little papers we always toss in there. If you have any questions, ask someone. It was fun... if you weren't there.... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!?!?! I will try to get pic's up later. but someone has to let me scan them, and that takes for ever, because i don't have a scanner!