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Final Flight Ministries - B2K

Hey I just got back from Blast! It was awesome. We stayed at MVNC and lived the college life for 4 days. It's really neat. We performed EXTREMELY well in our events. Here's how we did:
Chamah-Hunter-Chamah - Small Ensemble - Silver
Alex Connell - Preaching - Silver
Krysta L. - Photography - ??? (I think Silver)
Ben Virden - Painting - ??? (Silver?)
Dani C. - Vocal Solo - Gold(WAY TO GO!)
Large Group Ensemble - Silver - 1 pt. away from Gold
Ben v. -Vocal Solo - Silver?
Sara H. - Vocal Solo - Silver?
Marc R. - Poetry - Silver

We did awesome. Rick Rigsby was there... He was hilarious. Big Tent Revival had a concert. It was great too. There was so much that happened. Ask anyone who was there...

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