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All original text property of Lyle G. Kelley, If it inspires you ask and I will grant permission to copy. If you would like to see some of my art, go to and search the member directory for blackdragon and then look at the threads that I have started.(this web site last updated 05/07/2006) < >
The will of fate, and soul of an eagle
defying the sky to be blue
the friend of the lion, a foe of the hunter
denying the cold of winter
Her mother's reason to cry, a way to show her pride
she wills the world to her taste
secrets in the stream, whispers in the wind
daring the earth to divide.
A fool to every butterfly, and bloom in the wood
soul of steel, heart of cloud
A memory for the ages, and gaze for angels
but before she was yours, she is her own
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A Father's son
A child of light, son of laughter
object of pride for the sire
Mothers voice of strength
Master of the wind, and mysteries of the soul
destined to rend the heart
and cast shadows on doubt
A friend to angels and demons alike
a foe to boredom and rain
a constant dislike of contentment
He will be the bain of his father
and the pain in his mother's breast
and the life of all who love him
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All original text property of Lyle G. Kelley, If it inspires you ask and I will grant permission to copy <>
The Warrior's tale
Born of war
Brother of steel
Son of those who die
Master of those who kill
A life of pain
A death avenged
The luck of his gods
The divine way of those before him
His is not to know why
But to follow his honor
The warrior finds his solace in blood
His peace in the heat of battle
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The Wizard's Lair
Warmth of flame
Scent of spice
Dark corners full of soot
His chair empty beside the window
Smoke fills the hearth
The pages of wonder open to the sky
The portal open to welcome
The window eyes the wood
Thatch a harbor for weary souls
His eyes a window to knowledge
His soul fated for dragons
His life destined for obscurity