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More Friends and Family of Logan County W.V.

Luevetta and Ronald Walker

Lum Bias Poley

Madge, Norma, Janet and Betty Burgess

Margie Burgess

Marie Brown, Don Wellman

Mary, Riley and Dorothy

Matt and Emily Kutner with Andrew

Maudie McNeely and Cliff Burgess

Mary Eloise Hager

May,Eugene Baldwin

Mrs Jones, Katherine and baby

Mrs Jones

Myrtle Crabtree

Myrtle Quillen

Old Boarding House

Old Sovereign, Blair

Pat Smith and James Kinder

Pearl Buchanan

Pete Rate

Phillis Eastham, Mary Orlando, Charles Eastham

Ralph Walker

Raymond"Butch" Burgess

Raymond Wellman and Hank Hager

Raymond Wellman, Delmar Adkins

Reba May Ellis

Rebecca Roberts Burgess

Rex, Bessie Johnson Burgess

Rex Burgess Jr.,family

Riley Hager

Roman and Carrie Burgess

Roman and Shelby Burgess w/ Alvin and Gail

Roman Burgess

Roy Burgess

Shelby Burgess and Alvin Ray

Shelby Burgess, Norma Jean Hager Mary Orlando

Shelby Burgess

Sylvia Weekly and Cliff Burgess

Uncle Hank Hager and Cliff Burgess

Walter Curtis Jones

Walter Grobreski

Willard Burgess and Charlie Browning

Willard Burgess

Zella Summers

Zella Summers

3 daughters of Shelby and Norma: Lora, Donna and Gail Burgess

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