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Friends and Family of Logan County West Virginia

Almeda Francis Workman(mother of Carrie Baisden)

Angela Burgess, Joyce and Judy Eplin

Arthur and Dorothy Hager

Arthur Ray Burgess Sr.

Arthur Ray Burgess

Belva Neal

Bessie Dempsey

Betty Burgess

Betty, Mildred and Sylvia Sibby and Jim Weekley

Billy Browning Cook

Black Hager

Burgess and Kutners

Burgess Family Reunion

Carrie Baisden and Shelby Burgess

Carrie Baisden

Catherine Walter

Charles and Deloris Mullins Eastem

Charlie, Bud, Mary Adkins Killen

Chris Holt

Clem Ramsey

Cliff and Delores Burgess

Cliff Burgess and Rebecca Roberts

David Reed Mullins and Roman Burgess

Dorothy Burgess and Joyce Ann

Dorothy Burgess and Louise Abbott (MacBeth)

Dorothy Burgess and Sue Baldwin

Dorothy Hager and Carl Jones

Dorothy Hager and daughter

Edward Burgess

Elizabeth Canterbury

Ellen Quillin

Eunice Hager

Eva Hager and Chloe Dent Stafford

Frankie and Brenda Mullins

Fred Jarrel and Frank Hager

Fred Jarrel

Hassel and Lydia Baldwin

Hatty Browning

Hettie Ellis Osborn

Homer Hamack

Jack Mullins Charles Eastham and Shelby Burgess

James Quillin

June Burgess

Jerry and Harold Bernard Cook

John Wilson Burgess (1842)

John Cook

Kenneth Mullins

Linda Boyd Alvin and Gail

Linda Smith

Lindsay Browning

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