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This site I dedicate to my sister Niki.

She has the greatest love for

penquins(any & all). I wanted to make

something speacial for her, So here it is.

Remember when you scratched my back

all the time? I'm always here to scratch

yours(You scratch my back & I'll scratch yours).

I Love you Niki, your big sister~~~~Clarissa.

This Is My Penquin Guardian, She's here to make sure no one slips & falls on the ice

Things About My Sister Niki:

  • She will graduate high school in May.
  • Niki's Favorite Web Sites

    NEW!!Christmas Page

    17 species of penquins & pictures

    Niki's Family Links

    Awards that Niki has won=)

    Niki's Penquin Adoptions

    Penquin Globes

    You can link to me with...


    The 2nd banner was blank & I got it from:


    None of the graphics or backgrounds

    on this page was created by Niki nor

    myself. I have designed a Links Page

    to give these people their credit due.

    If we do NOT have your permission to

    use your art, email us at

    & they will be removed.

    E-MAIL ME,

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    This I Love Penguins Site Is Owned by Niki
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