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Conure Care

What is a Sun Conure?

Oregon's Photo Album

God decided that seeing the sun set across the sky once a day was not enough, so he got out his paints and brushes and created the wonderful colours and characters on these very gregarious parrots. They are likened to the sun blazing across the sky when a flock takes off in flight.

I do not own a Sun Conure, he choose me and consequently I am owned by Oregon.
I bought Oregon from a birdstore in Perth, Western Australia in fact I had to save up all my pennies..ok cents to buy this little critter. The day that my hubby and I went to the bird store we had no intention on purchasing a parrot, we merely went there to see what was available and to have a look at cages. Well Oregon was sitting on his perch and as I was talking to one of the employees, she handed him to me and from there on end we were inseperable. I think it had to do someting with the fact that he pooped on me straight away...supposedly this means good luck.

Oregon loves to simply "hang ten"

In this picture he is hanging off my husband's thumb by one claw, he will happily swing like this as long as he likes.

We originally were looking at purchasing a Rainbow Lorikeet, but Oregon who by now was on my shoulder whispering sweet nothings into my ear was it, changed my mind in an instant. We put down a deposit and had to pay him off over a period of 2 weeks during which time I went to the store and played with him for an hour or so every few days. It was exciting bringing him home and he has firmly placed himself as a member of the family.