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Click Here for the Newest Photographs of Kemmerer, Wyoming

This is Kemmerer as you look West, vicinity of MP 38.0.  This is the Light Repair Shed, Engine Service Equipment, and the local industries in the distance.
A different perspective of the Light Repair Shed - we are standing adjacent to track 001 (the switch lead).  The sand and fuel storage buildings are seen as well as the parts and tool sheds.  Autumn is in full swing in Northwestern Wyoming!
Again, we are at track 001 this time looking into the trailer storage lot for Velikovsky's Distributors - a Sugar and Flour Processor.  In the distance is the Kemmerer Depot - photos of which are featured on the LaserKit web site.
We are now at Waterfall vicinity MP 33.3.  Again, evidence that autumn is here.
This is Granger, MP 1.0 and we are looking East.  A few small industries are located here...barely visible are the staging tracks that represent both Salt Lake City, Utah and Green River, Wyoming.
Still in Granger, these are the three tracks of the staging yard - painted black to illustrate that they are "off site" and not part of the layout.
Just West of Kemmerer, is Fossil at MP 48.0.
Back in Kemmerer at MP 41.5.  This is the depot as a Eastbound Unit Coal Train stops for a crew change.
Still in Kemmerer, this is track 728 and the grain industries.  In the foreground are the tracks of the yard.
A fresh Engine, a SD45 stands ready at the Kemmerer Fuel/Sand Track, track 523.
At Kemmerer looking East - another view of Velikovsky's as well as Kemmerer Propane.
At Fossil, MP 48.0, a local freight enters the yard limits of Kemmerer, Wyoming.
At Kemmerer, the local enters the passing siding as a Overland Mail East (OME) continues it move to North Platte, NE.
At Kemmerer, the OME prepares to depart.  The CA13 caboose is a Walthers product that I painted and decaled.  It is trailing a 5 Unit All-Purpose Spine Car from Alan Curtis Models.  To the left is an assembled InterMountain 4750 Hopper.  A great model 
A really bad photograph of a great model - the 20' Container Chassis is another Alan Curtis Models product.  He makes some absolutely remarkable vehicles and freight cars.
This is looking at Velikovsky's Distributors - a Sugar and Flour Processor.