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New Track Arrangement for Granger Wyoming

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I recently completed a move...and there was some damage done to the layout.  To make myself feel better, I decided to change the track arrangement for Granger.  Combining some ideas I took from the Carsten's Publications book Track Design and modeler's license, I have opted for a "paired industries" track arrangement.  Now, Granger will be a two-part/two-sided town having both a Power Plant and a Coal Mine.  The two industries allow for loads in and empties out.  I have included a main line bypass to the rear of each industry.  I am still debating the inclusion of a tunnel in the Coal Mine portion (at least I have ordered the tunnel portal and retaining walls from Mr. Plaster in the Walthers 2002 World of N&Z Catalog.) 

Additionally, I have purchased a digital camera - and plan to document the changes to Granger as they happen.

Other changes have included the replacement of the existing leg and L-Girder support table and some rewiring in preparation for the installation of Signals from Sunrise Enterprises.

Overall, the layout is awaiting the following:

1) Final ballast installation - in the Granger Area as well as final grooming of the ballast in Kemmerer.
2) The addition of vehicles and people - completed and ready for placement
3) The final detail application to my car and locomotive fleet - an invaluable reference set is the two WB Videos "Diesels on the Union Pacific" and Diesels on the Union Pacific - the Sequel"  These productions capture the locomotives, cars, and cabeese of 1984.