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UP ShieldUnion Pacific Idaho First Subdivision 
Last Update 7 March 2002
A UP Extra passes through the quietness of Kemmerer, Wyoming.
During a recent extended leave, I completed the new Power Plant for Granger.   

I have included a couple of photographs from a recent train show where some of my equipment is running on our club n-scale layout. 

Additionally, I was asked by our local train shop to build a small, portable layout for the owner to take to  
shows - it features Kato Unitrack and Woodland Scenics.

Scale:  N (1:160) 
Overall Size:  8' x 3' with Add-on Staging Yard (3 x Stub End Tracks)
Concept & Construction:  Portable concept conceived in January 1999 following my purchase of the "Pocatello  Subdivision" by G. Train Video Productions. Design began in May of 1999; with construction beginning in May of 2000.
Locations Represented: First Idaho Subdivision (now part of the Pocatello Subdivision).  Locations represent Kemmerer, Wyoming (MP 38.0), Waterfall Siding, Wyoming (MP 33.3), Granger, Wyoming (MP 1.0), and Fossil, Wyoming (48.0)
Time Period:  Early 1980s - when LoPac 2000 saw introduction and the Union Pacific still silvered its Locomotive Fleet Truck Side frames.
Track Plan Concept:  Due to the US Army's constraints on shipping model railroads (it has to capable of being crated and not exceeding 200 lb.), I chose a simple oval with scenic divider down the middle.  Additionally, I have added a small three track, stub-end staging yard that allows for a more robust 12 hour fast clock operation.
Cab Control:  Wired for a single MRC Control 20 Power pack - wiring consists of the KATO Unitrack components for power distribution
Bench Work:  Simple L-girder support holding the layout.  The layout base board is constructed in the same manner as Model Railroader's Red Wing Division - a bed slat design holding a two layer 3/4" extruded polystyrene sub roadbed.  The base board is light yet rigid with the polystyrene allowing creeks and washes.
Layout Height:  42"
Track :  KATO Unitrack - I cannot say enough about this track.  Not only does its flexible design allow you to refine your plan before a full commitment, but it provides excellent electrical connectivity.  I have not had a stalled consist yet - even after ballast was applied.  The track is super elevated and features small transition spiral easements.  While I can't run 89' TOFC/COFC cars, my All Purpose Spine Car by Alan Curtis looks excellent.  The track is ballasted with Arizona Rock & Mineral's Dark Gray (GN) Basalt - a spot on match for the ballast in the Waterfall (Idaho) Siding Area.
Turnouts:  #6 along the Main and Yard Throats; #4 for Industries
Mainline:  Approximately 1 mile of single track
Curve Radii:  14" Radius
Layout Completion:
  Bench work, track, and wiring 100%
  Structures and scenery 75%
Father and Daughter love those UP Trains!
Prototype Photos...Under Construction 
Layout Photos...Updated! 
Town Diagrams 
Train List 
Car List 
New Track for Granger, Wyoming...Updated!
Kemmerer, Yard: 4 x Classification Tracks; 1 x TOFC Ramp; and 1 x Caboose/MOW Track.  Engine Facility includes a Light Repair Shed (not actually present at Kemmerer, but a loose representation of the Engine Shed at East Yard, Los Angeles, California.  Kemmerer, Wyoming: Features a Propane Dealer, a Sugar Processing Plant, a Co-Op Grain Complex, and a Team Track.
"New" Granger, Wyoming: Features a coal mine and power plant - provides for loads in and empties out operations
Storage Yard: Contains 3 x Tracks - each capable of holding 2 Six-Axle Locomotives, 5 60' Cars, and a Caboose.  Used to represent the rest of the Union Pacific System - both Salt Lake City, Utah and Green River, Wyoming.

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