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ZRKing680's Screenshot gallery

Some Sweet Pics and screenies

Fun w/C4: The Ultimate Rushmobile
Oops, how did this get in here.....
I got 8 Hummers in a War Factory no biggie but hey i did it
Fun w/C4: Stairway to Heaven
Fun w/C4: Stairway to Heaven 2
Fun w/C4: Stay away from the windows!!! sadly an engi gun will break the windows and the mines won't...makes sense right?
The Phantom Nuke
Fun w/C4: Don't Mined Havoc, He's just passing through
I managed to get atop the refinery and place a lil Timed C4
Fun w/C4: I managed to get back up and Protect our Refinery from those GDI pigs
Fun w/C4: I figured those Nod Stealth black hands would try to plant a Nuke on top of our Power plant so i decided i couldn't let that happen. lol
Fun w/C4: I heard the Flying patch is coming out soon so i figured i'd get my teams APC's ready for those Technicians dropping from the sky!
*New* This is just a pic of a Medium Tank firing a shell
*New* This is a Pic of a Destroyed AGT with a 'Blemish' suspended in the middle of the room
*New* A undeneath view of the 'blemish' which is also smoking
*New* Perfectly Executed Stealth/Nuke Strike details below \/ \/ \/
*New* Just doin my job
*New* Got a lil bored
Newer- This is an Odd pic of a Harvester that somehow had turned totally invisible. It was in a Laddered game and the passenger of my vehicle noticed it too along with a few others. The Tiberium Refinery was the only building still intact for the other team
Nobodys gonna be placing a beacon here anytime soon
This pic of the Refinery from on top got kinda messed up, o well.
Heres one from the second to last mission. I took this because i figured i had no chance of winning but i also didn't realize that the next dorr led me outside and to the end of the level. o well

*New* New screenies from the WOL Forum Server. Personally i think the stealth rush is the best. We tried a flame rush and got the AGT but that was all we managed so we then went for the Stealth/Nuke Beacon run. *Note* i forget who but someone on GDI said "I wonder how many stealth black hands are in the GDI base and someone replied "Prolly 5" and we said "Naw, just 4" lol All *New* Pics are from the WOL Forum Server Ok i've updated my site and there are like 5 or 6 new ones. All in Practice but will try to get some shots of actual On-line play tonite if my team doesn't suck and i have time(gotta defend my base! ;) ) I have plenty more Screenshots coming soon so sit tight. C4 is a blast, aint it?