Here Comes the Bride!

I'm not really what anyone would call your "typical all-American girl next door" type. None of those adjectives apply to me, and for the most part never have. This wasn't a problem for me once I got past wanting to fit in with everyone else and realized that not fitting in gave me a lot more freedom. I intend for my wedding, my "Big Day," to follow a similar path.

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Etiquette and I have always been sort of like cousins who don't care for each other much, but socialize civilly enough at family gatherings. In deference to Tradition (note the capital "T",) I will provide links here to a site that maintains these wedding precepts. I will then proceed to disregard all of them except the ones I like. There are times that I think cetain parts of etiquette are silly and outdated, not to mention additional stress that I don't want heaped onto what already promises to be a stressful (however wonderful) period for everyone. There are certain parts of these Traditions I'll cheerfully adhere to, and some that I will blithely steal from other cultures that have appeal to me.

From the very start, it is important to me that this wedding is a good time. I will do my best to be as small a pain in the ass as any Bride has ever been, and to help everyone assisting me to have as nice a time as possible. I want this to be a fun, relaxed, beautiful party where we can celebrate new lives beginning.

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And now... (drummroll, please!)

The Dress

After careful consideration, and a rather interesting day in a football field-sized bridal emporium, I have decided on My Wedding Dress.

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Not to be left out, we also have an idea for Scotty's Tuxedo

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Viva Las Vegas!