Etiquette - Then, Now, and Mine

The first list of links will be to Traditional Wedding Etiquette.

These are things that can be changed, moved, forgotten, or disregarded.

Etiquette was created so that no offense could be given or taken among people of the same culture. As all our mothers raised us with impeccable manners, I find it redundant to have to adhere to a new set of rules just because I'm getting married - and I certainly don't expect anyone else to.

Don't get me wrong. Traditions are beautiful, wonderful things. But I'm an independant woman who has always paid her own way and forged her own path - and I don't think the unending lists of "You pay for this, I pay for that" just because some book said to makes any sense for my life or my wedding. I won't be "given away," because I was taught that I belong to no one but myself. To me, some of these ideas are as archaic as if I'd asked my parents for a dowery.

The Traditions that will be upheld in our ceremony and reception are meant to be celebrations, not obligations.


This all being said, Scotty and I wanted to make a note about the Tradition of the Groom's cake. He and I both feel that a small, decadent carrot cake for him to nibble on, or just for the wedding party would be fine with the both of us - but then, we'd also be fine with the less-traditional Groom's Bottle of Vodka. Once again, we're emphasizing that we aren't standing on tradition and we don't expect those we love to have to, either.

Proper Etiquette

What the [Experts] Say About Who Should Pay For What
You Don't Get Out Of It That Easy! (Maid of Honor's Responsibilities)
Focus on #22 (Best Man's Responsibilities)
As If I Could Talk You Out Of Them (Mother of the Bride's Responsibilities)
Isn't This Fun? (Mother of the Groom's Responsibilities)
Mmm, Cake (A Tradition I Wholly Endorse)

Ethnic Traditions

Generalized Hawaiian Traditions
Cuban Traditions
Jamaica! Cake! Rum!
How About An Egyptian Zaffa/Conga Line?
Asian Traditions (Note the Chinese Whole Pig Tradition)
Worldwide Traditions

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