“Is This Real?”

I loved watching him move. It was like watching fire, how it dances and never stops moving. I was a moth to him. I couldn’t help myself. Tall, quiet, with long blond hair and storm cloud eyes. And his mouth – his mouth! It wasn’t just lips to frame his voice, it was a pair of lips that were swollen and soft. They were perfect, just being there – perfect. I looked at him from one angle, then another, never trying to get his attention, just enjoying myself on the sidelines. All I wanted to do was watch him there, for the rest of my days. Moth to flames.

It was his room-mate Peter that first noticed my interest in him. Peter and I had known one another for a while, but I had no idea such a sublime creature existed within distance of him! I was intrigued with him, his young blond room-mate, I wanted to know everything about him. I felt like an art collector, examining a piece I was interested in purchasing. Would he hold up under pressure? Was he gentle? What did he feel like? I plagued Peter with my questions. After a while, I was only answered with questions. Why do you care? Are you ever going to talk to him? Do you think I know everything about him? All I could do was stand and smile, glancing over Peter's shoulder to see him. I knew I would speak to him eventually. I knew I had to, if I was going to have him. But first - I had to know his name.