Lili sat on her bed, stretched out languidly on a hot summer day, nibbling from a bowl of grapes beside her. The sun had been beating down since early that morning, forcing her to open all the windows and turn on all the fans as soon as she woke up. Not having to work that day, she was determined to do as little as possible. Her friends all either had full-time jobs or lived more than two hours away near her school, so there was nothing for her to do. She watched the vast wasteland of television for a few hours, checked her email more than five times, and updated her website twice. She resisted the urge to type yet another entry into her online diary. She tried to get rid of her tan lines by lying out in the sun for a few hours, but the heat eventually chased her inside to the shade of her room. Her ceiling fan did nothing but push the hot air around in her room and in frustration, she rolled on to her back, sighing heavily.

She plucked one grape with her long nails, noticing how firm it was. Tossing it into her mouth she rolled it around on her tongue, testing the texture of it. Even the skin was sweet on it, as though the whole piece had been dipped in the juice. When she couldn't resist any longer, she crushed the tiny fruit between her teeth, savoring it for as long as she could. So sweet and cold, the juice ran down her throat, coating its inside while she licked her lips clean.

Smiling, Lili plucked another grape, rolling it up her tummy over her shirt, up her neck and to her waiting mouth. Its stickyness left a small trail across her skin and top, so she decided that in the interest of staying cool and keeping her clothes neat, to take her top and shorts off. Aside from being less trapped by their tightness, she loved the feeling of just relaxing in nothing but a pair of cotton panties. The heat ended up having its way with her though, and she soon dozed off listening to the bees humming in the yard below.


When Lili opened her eyes, the sun had started to sink in the sky and was turning the world all sorts of orange hues. Her skin looked like light copper and the room was filled with a tangerine glow. After rubbing her eyes to wake up, Lili found her gaze falling on the window of the house next door. Her mouth fell open for a moment, and she stared transfixed inside. A thrill ran through her body, waking her up entirely. She had hoped to catch this moment ever since he had moved in next door. His strong body tempted her almost as much as the fire behind his eyes that he tried to hide whenever she was near. As she lay silently, she could hear his moans, his heavy breath. She watched him intently, like a hungry cat after a mouse, all but licking her lips. A cooler breeze wafted in as twilight began to fall across town, making her nipples into tiny sensitive buttons. Her fingers first brushed against one, then the other, rubbing both of them in turn. His movements grew more intense, and she thought she almost heard him whisper her name. Between her smooth thighs, she felt herself melting into her panties. Distractedly, her hand found its way down to them, and she rubbed at the wetness she found there, still mesmerized by her "show" next door. The heat and the urgency from her pussy demanded more though, and she pushed the soaked fabric aside impatiently, teasing her little electrified clit. The second time, Lili was certain that it was her name coming from his lips. She moaned softly, and her eyes flew towards his, and they caught in the same moment. For an instant, both almost stopped entirely everything they were doing. Lili bit her bottom lip and forced herself to breathe again. She couldn't tear her eyes from his, even though she knew he hadn't stopped his stroking entirely. Finally, she found herself smiling shyly, and the heat from between her legs wrestled for her attention again. Her fingers felt stiff and awkward at first, and she was certain her face was on fire from her blushing. She watched his eyes travel from her face to the rest of her body, and she couldn't fight the urge to slide a finger deep into her slit. As she did, he gave out an audible moan, and she saw his hand speed up to match his breathing. She closed her eyes for a moment and slid another finger inside, coating them both with her slickness. She sat up to face her window and him, and leaned her shoulder against the wall for support. He sat up in his bed, resting against the headboard. Now that she could see him clearly in the growing purple twilight, Lili started sliding her fingers inside herself faster. The heat of the day was still rising off the roof, bringing with it the scent of honeysuckle and a hint of sweet red grape juice from where she had thrown the bad grapes out the window. She closed her eyes again and grabbed one breast tightly, twisting the nipple gently, letting out a high-pitched mewling sound. He groaned as she did this and pumped his hand up and down faster as his eyes didn't know where to look next. She made up his mind for him as she got on her knees and slid herself up and down on her fingers, her mouth falling open into a slight "o". He couldn't take it for much longer, but he wanted to cum when she did, so he let his hand slow momentarily to stop his long thick cock from twitching. She was moving faster now, her eyes shut tightly while she gave out tiny yelps every time she slammed herself down on her fingers again. He couldn't take the sight of her, and though his mind wanted his hand to slow down, it sped up to match her body exactly. He couldn't shut his eyes, not even to blink for a moment. The "o" her lips made grew wider and wider, and she opened her eyes to look into his. Just as she did this, he could feel his cock start to twitch again. Lili bounced up and down on her bed as though she was riding a bronco, and let out a gasp almost loud enough to be a scream. Her entire body started to shudder as though it was about to fall apart, and she watched his cock begin to shoot jets of creamy thick white cum all over his stomach and chest. Small whimpering pants slipped from her mouth as her legs slowed their runaway freight train pace. She looked up from behind the hair that had fallen into her face, and saw him smiling at her, like a little boy with stolen candy. She smiled back, sliding her fingers out from under her, and reached over to the bowl of grapes. She plucked one then, and let the juices from her hand mingle with the sweet juice on the fruit, before she leaned out her window, and tossed it, letting it land right on his bed, between his legs.