It was a warm wet night with a drove of dark clouds rolling in overhead. I could taste the ozone in the air and realized that nothing else would ever taste like that. There was something else, too. Anticipation hung in the air thick enough to bite into it. With a final brush of my hair, some lip gloss and a glance into the mirror, I dashed out of my room and over to my friend's apartment.

Sitting on the couch, you were talking about the game we were going to play with someone else. As our eyes met for an instant, my mouth watered. I turned to my friends and we started talking animatedly, laughing about another game and a party that was being planned. One of the girls mentioned the skirt I was wearing, and I explained it away by surprising everyone with an offer to go dancing after we finished playing that night. A couple of my friends were pleasantly amused by this idea and agreed that it was a perfect night to make mischief at a club - I see you look at me from the corner of your eye as we plan how late we're going to be out, and I issue the invitation to everyone else in the room, yourself included. You smile at me and claim that without anything to wear, you really couldn't go. I laugh and tell you that you look perfect for this club just as you are - and then you remind me that you dislike dancing. One of my friends comes to my rescue, telling you that you have to come if for no other reason than to watch me and some of the other girls dance. You tell everyone that you'll think about it during the game. I can see in your eyes that you want to go, though.

The game doesn't take as long as usual, and I don't get much chance to flirt with you discreetly. I stretch out on the carpet as usual and close my eyes, imagining your hands on my body. The feeling is incredible and when I open my eyes again, I see you looking at me suspiciously. I smile as brightly as I can manage and sit up to finish off the game.

As the game winds down and some of our friends go upstairs to change or freshen up, I light a couple of candles and put on a slow song to relax. I know that you're curious, wondering what I'm doing, but I've got no other motive than to grab your attention. Just rolling my neck back and forth, I can feel some of my muscles start to smooth out and give up some of their tension. One by one, as our friends come downstairs, the music gets faster until we have an impromptu dance party there in the living room.