"Hey Pretty"

This story is fiction. The characters in it are fiction. The setting is fiction. Remember that.

At 7:30 am, the heat was already near 90 degrees. Races were scheduled to start in half an hour and almost no one was there. Coaches milled around the boathouse parking lot looking for shade and trying to avoid doing anything physical. There were six coaches on call that morning; Paul, Chris, Kevin, Neil, Dan, and Lil. Everyone had plenty of experience, and knew that the rowers who belonged to the summer league wouldn't last in the heat past ten o'clock. They were considering calling it off until the predicted thundershower hit later that day, and rescheduling for the next morning or week.

By 8 am, rowers were already complaining that they couldn't function in the heat, and some of the older ones were leaving completely, making their teams scratch for whole races. The coaches pleaded with the directors of the program to cancel the rest of the day and then reschedule, but the directors (from inside their air-conditioned cars) wouldn't think of it. Run the races with or without the weaker teams.

At 9:30 am, there were no delusions about anyone finshing the races. Two participants had passed out from heat exhaustion, and the coaches grabbed a megaphone and were telling people to go home. The directors were furious, but couldn't do anything about it. Over half the races were done and people were leaving whether they had raced already or not. The boats were being put away and tables were packed up. After a little cleanup, almost everyone was ready to leave. That was when they couldn't find Lil.

"She's probably putting something away in the older house," said Dan. "I'll go grab her before she dies of the heat up there," so he went into the darkened wooden house, and climbed the stairs to the loft that held some excess equipment.

As he stood on the top stair, Dan heard noise in the back end of the loft. It sounded big enough to be human, so he crept through the darkness, squinting his eyes to see. He thought he saw Lil lying on the couch all the way at the most remote part of the house. He thought she had fallen asleep there, and quietly went to wake her up. As he got halfway there, he found he had wedged himself between two singles, and would have to climb around them before he could move any further. It was then that he noticed that Lil's was not the only body on the couch in the back.

Two bodies writhed on the couch, making tiny gasping sounds as they moved. Lil was on the bottom, with her arms wrapped around the neck of a young man who was sliding himself between her legs. Both were dressed fully, but the sex seemed to be there all the same. The boy licked slowly from her chin down between her breasts, grabbing them and moving his lips to both nipples like he couldn't decide which one he liked more. Lil leaned her head back and closed her eyes, biting her lower lip. Her back arched as he pulled her legs around his waist and leaned forward to kiss her.

Dan licked his own lips watching this. His cock strained against his shorts and he started rubbing it through the material. Lil was always flirting with him, and he had met her boyfriend before, but the guy grinding on top of her at this moment was someone he had never seen around the boathouse. He felt that she knew he was there, and was letting him watch as long as he liked.

The guy whispered something in Lil's ear, and she giggled quietly. He pulled her t-shirt off fully and reached around her to unhook her bra. As her tits were freed from the tiny white lace that captured them, both men sighed to themselves in appreciation. Lil hung from the boy's neck by her arms and pulled her chest close to his. They kissed like it was their last chance to touch each other. There was something in their movements, something that felt almost sad, desperate. She tickled his ear with her tongue and Dan realized that he could barely hear what was being said between them.

"Why are you so nice to me?" the boy's voice was deep and thick with lust. It didn't fit him. His voice seemed to be made better for laughter.

"Because I love you," came Lil's reply. It sounded like she was smiling at him, and her words were so full that both males believed her.

"You shouldn't love something that's bad," his voice was sad, and he sounded reluctant to push her away.

"I'll always love you," she insisted. "No matter what - I'll never stop loving you."

With those words, Lil slid out of her tiny shorts and tugged the boy's shirt and shorts off his body. With only a thin layer of cotton between them, their breathing got heavier and their grinding got hotter. Lil lifted her hips into his, and his hands pushed her ass upwards so that he was almost entering her through her panties. Her lips taught him where he had erogenous zones he had never known about. She licked and sucked his nipples, causing him to moan a little louder. She teased the skin of his throat, finding those ticklish spots behind his ear and under his chin, and then nuzzling there for long moments. She was a perfect teacher to this boy, soft and persistant all at once. He started to return her affections the same way, nibbling on her shoulder and descending down her body to her stomach, where he started to tease the soft skin just above her pussy, making her giggle again.

By now, Dan had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it up and down, imagining himself in place of the boy. Her moans echoed in his ears and were making him so hard it hurt. Precum leaked around his hand and made it slick around the head of his dick. When she giggled, he gripped harder around the shaft and gave a few extra hard pumps. He figured the boy must have balls of steel, not having torn into her by now.

At this point, the boy was just enjoying himself. Slowly, he peeled her panties down over her legs and pussy with his thumbs and teeth. She gave a low moan and reached forward to stroke his face. He kissed the palm of her hand and tentativly ran his tongue up her bare slit slowly. His reward was her arched back and husky voice begging him for more. He buried his mouth deeper the second time and heard her almost cry out. He realized that he actually liked the taste of her, and went deeper again, sending a shudder through her body. That was when he found her clit. Circling it slowly, he sucked the tiny nub between his lips and pressed on it as gently as he could. She did cry out that time, and her hips jutted up into his face. He pulled away only long enough to laugh at her own torture and place one finger over her lips to quiet her. Then he went back to the new favourite pastime he had found.

The muscles in Dan's hand were starting to tense up as he tried to hold off his orgasm longer and longer. Biting his own lip to keep from breathing to heavily and giving himself away, he found a clean place on the floor where he could sit and watch without having to stand, and carefully moved as silently as he could into a sitting position. His cock jerked as he heard Lil gasp slightly when the boy buried his face into her fully. The tiny strip of sunlight that found its way through a crack in the ceiling floated across her body and illuminated her face in a shadowy, ethereal way. His hand wrapped greatfully around his shaft again as he saw the boy move away from her pussy and slide his body up on top of hers.

As the two kissed, it was reminiscent of wild animals in the middle of rutting season. Lips, tongue, teeth were all involved in finding as much sensation as they could. The boy stripped off his boxers and rubbed his erect cock against her dripping slit. She begged him quietly to have her. She called him her friend, her love, her master. He grinned wildly, teasing her pussy more with the head of his dick, placing it just at the opening and then pulling away at the last second.

Finally, the frustration became too much for Lil. As the boy teased her, she placed her hands on his ass and pushed him into her. Simultaniously, sounds of surprise and satisfaction erupted from both of them, and Dan felt himself jump closer to coming.

The boy grabbed her wrists at that moment and raised them above her head and started pounding into her. Her back arched, their breathing going faster and faster, matching their thrusts. Her hips moved up to meet his, pushing him deeper still into her little body. His lips searched out her tits and sucked on her nipples until they were tiny pebbles bouncing at the top of two milk-white globes. Both of them were drenched in sweat, letting it drip down their bodies and soak into the couch. The boy was fierce, using his feet to press down and propel him into her even further. Her long legs wrapped around his waist and he looked down to see his cock disappear into her moist pussy over and over again.

"Hey cowboy, relax or you'll never get to enjoy this the right way," she giggled, making both men's dicks fill with even more blood. The boy slowed, though, and employed as much finesse as his apparent inexperience could afford. He released her wrists and kissed her neck gently. She placed her hands on his hips, guiding them in and out of her more slowly. She started whispering into his ear then. "You'll always have this, baby," she reminded him. "You'll never be able to forget this fuck." He looked at her and almost stopped for a moment.

"This isn't a fuck, Lil. This is way more than that," and with those words, he returned to pounding into her with fresh energy. Dan was almost ready to burst, feeling his balls boil with sperm begging to be released. He was almost ready to pass out from keeping himself silent throughout the entire ordeal, and couldn't hold on for much longer. He stared at his hand as is seemed to swallow his dick over and over again, and thought he could almost feel her pussy around it.

It was then that the lovers on the couch reached their limit for teasing. Driving into her like a runaway freight train, the boy held onto her shoulders and pushed himself into her almost too deep. She raked her nails down his back and moaned into his ear as her whole body tensed with the anticipated orgasm. All at once, everything exploded. The boy grunted loudly and his body shot forward as her form shuddered beneath him and clutched onto his torso, a small scream escaping into his neck, where she had buried her mouth. Dan felt his cum spurt out of him onto the floor, his hand, and his leg. The breathing in the loft was as heavy as a pack of recently-finshed marathon runners.

"That was so incredible," gasped Lil, still holding tightly on to her young lover.

"I never thought it would feel like that with anyone," was his only reply. Their lips locked then, and their only talking was done with their eyes and tongues.

Dan quietly stood up after wiping himself off and smiled at the two on the couch before turning around to tell the other coaches that he looked all over the place and had absolutely no idea where Lil was. She must have gone home. As he crept back downstairs, he heard her voice one last time.

"Listen!" was all she said, and at that moment frozen in time, everyone heard the first clap of thunder as rain began to pour down on the dry, cracked ground.