Character History
Aural Sapphire

For the lyrics to some of Ms. Sapphire's repertoire, click on the links below:

"La Vie En Rose"
"At Last"
"Come Rain or Shine"
"Since I Fell For You"
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"

Aural Sapphire was born in 1918, in New York City. She was a natural singer, and her parents sent her to some of the finest voice coaches around the world, training her as an operatic diva. At the tender age of 16, she sang La Boheme and Aida in Italy and Austria, and met a handsome older gentleman calling himself Signor Laducci. Laducci swore he could make her the finest singer the world had ever seen, and Aural's parents entrusted their daughter to his care.

For the next five years, Aural trained nightly with Signor Laducci and his chanteuse (and mistress) Eidé Norena, the Norwegian opera singer, until she "retired" in 1939. Aural never seemed bothered by the odd hours her patrons kept, rising diligently in the evening to dine sparsely on rare meats served by Diva Norena's personal attendants before rehearsing for hours at a time or performing for small groups of people. Their pale visages never unnerved her, as her own skin was growing whiter with her nocturnal practices. Her voice continued to become more and more refined up until the day of her 21st birthday.

On Aural's 21st birthday, Signor Laducci and Diva Norena announced that her voice had reached its pinnacle and they could teach her no more. Frightened at the aspect of being set adrift without so much as a performing debut, Aural ran to her room and worked herself into a fit of hysterics so severe that as she thrashed about on the floor, she hit her head on the corner of a small table. Knocked unconscious for only a moment, when she awoke, it was only to speak with the mind of a 6 year-old child. She remined this way until Diva Norena had her servants force their way into Aural's chambers and calm her with promises not to let harm come to her. Diva Norena told Aural that she could keep her voice as perfect as it was at that very moment for all eternity if she wanted, and with those words, Aural's mind returned to its normal state.

From that night forward, Aural Sapphire became a Daughter of Cacophany. Her sire, Diva Eidé Norena, traced their bloodline back to the founding members of the Daughters, but there all knowledge of any piror generation seems to have been obliterated. Aural has travelled all over the world performing various forms of music, under many different names, but her favourite style of music has always been her hometown's nightclub jazz music, those ballads of love and loss, the torch songs.

Since her embracing in 1939, Aural travels all over the world, finding small herds to sing for and wealthy patrons to live off of. Totally uninterested in politics or anything other than her music, she has also become quite obsessed with her appearance. She will go a week without a decent feeding, and will then choose a glutton at random and feed from them until she has gorged herself. Then she proceeds to evacuate most of the vitae from her body. On a normal basis, when not under unusual amounts of stress, Aural is addicted to the endorphin rush humans get when undergoing electric shock. Because of this, she keeps within her herd at all times at least one ghoul who is masochistic enough to enjoy such a treatment, and feeds from them in small amounts while shocking them at the same time. Under severe stress though, Aural will revert to her 6 year-old self and refuse to feed until her mind is restored, at which point she binges.

Aural has been wandering so many trendy places for so long that now she wants to rest. A small vacation, away from the crowds and the pressure of performing, in a place small enough to hide, but with enough life as not to be dull. For this reason, she found Columbus, OH. The Midwest - just quiet enough that no one would know who she was, and she could leave her mark here without too much fuss. A perfect vacation. It seems though, that just before she arrived, all hell broke loose, and now she is here and is trying to stay out of the entire mess.