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It's Easy! It's Free!
It's KICK Messenger

KICK Messenger is a great way to talk with friends, family, and colleagues live on the Internet. See when they log-on and immediately exchange real-time/instant FREE, private text messages-even when they're using other major Instant Messaging services, including ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo! Messenger!

Organize your list of contacts from other messaging services into one simple, easy-to-use KICK Messenger contact list, eliminating the need for multiple Instant Messaging programs! Since KICK Messenger is totally web-based, you can log-on to your account from any computer in the world with web access, without haveing to worry about software being loaded.

The KICK Messenger comes with exciting user-requested additions, including instant text translation technology for up to 6 different languages.

 What is an Instant Messenger?
Instant messaging allows you to quickly exchange messages with your online contacts, friends and family. Unlike email, instant messages appear as soon as they are sent.

The language barrier is broken
To ensure that you have instant global access, so you can communicate with a contact who speaks another language, our Instant Messenger can instantly translate your messages to English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Access KICK Messenger from anywhere around the world!
With our java-based messaging service, there is absolutely nothing to download or install. Unlike other messaging services, you can access KICK messenger from anywhere in the world, while on a business trip or simply from the comfort of your home. And you never have to install or configure updated versions because any changes are automatically integrated into the messenger when you access it.

Gain access to over 84 million Contacts!
KICK Messenger is also compatible with ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN Messenger, making it even easier to communicate with all of your friends and 84 million contacts around the world.

YOU MUST read and agree to the full Terms Of Service Agreement below before entering. Login including a valid username and password is required. Intended for ages 13 and up.


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