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Accessing Angels

with Psychic / Medium

(513) 218-8448

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Click here for more information
& entry fee

 Messagess From Your Passed On Loved Ones - Angels - Guides!** Call for next date & time to be held.(513)791-9428

Join 1 of Cincinnati's top psychic
mediums Kathy Vaske, as she gives a public
demonstration of clairvoyance - flame messages
and mini tarot readings. Kathy will give messages
& greetings from the other side, to the audience
at random from your passed on loved ones,
angels and spirit giudes. Take a spirit journey &
meet them.
student. Bring a magical gift for the
gift exchange. 

Held at Whatever Works Wellness Center
7433 Montgomery Rd. Just leaving Kenwood
& entering Silverton area. (3 doors down from
Esther Price Candies)
Cost: $25.00 per person $45.00 for two.
Call for info. #(513)218-8448 or
Centers #(513)791-9428

To all my wonderful clients:

Sorry that it has been so long since I updated my website, I have been really sick the past few years-
& husband passed away during that time. I hope all of you are doing well, I am busy doing my bucket list. Should you ever need anything when you visit my website, go to Victory of Light website & choose from the long list of many wonderful friends I used to work with at the fairs.-

If you need me, I can still be reached at (513)218-8448

Trying to reach me?

Please try again. Call the office at 513-218-8448
I have been really ill for the past 3 years.
Numerous things in life have been taking priority over doing reads.
I am doing phone readings and some in person readings now.
Thank you for your patience.

Readings are: $35.00 for 15 min. $50.00 for 1/2 hr. $85.00 for 45 min.
$100.00 for one hr.


Check back in Nov. - 2018

10:00 am - 7:00 pm

At Sharonville Convention Center.

I will be reading 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Sat. the 9th & on Sun. the 10th.
20 min. reading for $40.00. "Reading recorded onto flash drive (2.0) is $45.00"
Booth #726 in the main room where Victory of Light booth is - I'm in the back - on the right side - wall
near the door just before the consession stand.

One of the largest psychic events of the year!

Best place to get spiritual path education for only the price of an entry fee.
Some of the top known names in the industry are doing the workshops. Great variety of
readers to choose from.
For no waiting - check in with me when you get into the show - & I will tell you how long I will be yet.
If I am busy, please leave me a note on my table under my sign - with cell ph. # - name - & brief meassage
& I will call you as soon as I finish the reading I am on & see what time you want.

Call office for info (513)218-8448 *** Apts. available daily with me in person or by phone.
Often times same day of your call - within hrs. of your call.
I hope to see many of you at the show.
Kathy Vaske psychic - angel clairvoyant - Camp Chesterfield trained.
Cash, all major credit cards accepted, or check. Call Kathy at 513-218-8448 for details.

Bella Forza Fitness - a real community of women encouraging women to be their very best.

Try all the latest trends in fitness and find what's best for you. Most of the ladies come in to
work out and find within a matter of months they have the fit body they have always wanted.
Call the studio for details ph. #(513)871-2334

Yearly HUNTER IGA EXPRESS Sparks In The Park!
Sat. 7/28/2018 - Everyone is welcome - bring the family!

Kids Area - Vendors - There is Food and Beer starting at 4:00 pm
6:30 pm Live Music by Jake Roberts band

Held at Hunter IGA Express - 1st exit past Trader's World going North on I-75
Turn right off the exit - about a mile & a 1/2 up the Rd. on the right. Look for the Shell gas sign

FREE entry - games and rides for the kids at nominal fee

Please drop in & take advantage of the fun. Call the store for info.

Whatever Works Wellness Center
7433 Montgomery Rd.
Cincin. Oh. 45236
Ph #(513)791-9428
for all your spiritual path needs. Truly a
healing center.

Drop in the Center any time for a relaxing cup of
tea and a lift to your spirit! Knowledgeable
friendy staff to serve you.
White Willow Tai Chi training weekly.

Girls Day Out! Invite a psychic to a late lunch or early dinner.

Call Kathy at (513)218-8448 for details.
Bring a friend(s)& share a 45 min. group session to cut eating almost in 1/2.
The session is $75.00 - split by the number of people sharing the session.
OR share a 45 min. psychic reading with a friend(s) at $75.00.(Can be set up as a group that each
one gets messages from their guides).
Not good with any other offer. MUST MENTION THIS AD & WHERE YOU SAW IT AT - when booking apt.
Offer expires Dec./14/2014

Apts. daily within hrs. of your call.

Tarot readings daily by apt.
Reading by phone only - 15 min. - $35.00 or 1/2 hr. reading by phone only - $50.00.
$35.00 each additional 15 min. there after.

In person readings - 45min. for $75.00 or 1hr. for $100.00 ($35.00 for every 15 min. there after).
With psychic Kathy Vaske Ph. #(513)218-8448

PHONE READINGS $35.00 Per 15 Min.


All major credit cards accepted.

Must be at least 18 yrs. old.

Leave name & number & best time to get your reading
& Kathy will call A S A P. Can sometimes get a reading same day you call.
(Kathy reads daily both in person & by phone.
Hrs. for in person readings are 10:00 am - 12:30 pm & 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Phone reads are pay by credit card only.
All major credit cards accepted.
Please have credit card ready when you get you call for your reading.
***Call office for apt. #(513)218-8448***

"Your connection to the psychic community"

We do parties . company promotions . psychic
events, grand openings . hair salon promotion
days. radio & TV appearences, workshops .
lectures for womens groups . stop smoking
or lose weight & past lives regression with
hypnosis, home group sessions or private sessions.

Call Accessing Angels office (513)218-8448
to book.

Kathy's background & some of the things she does.

* Angel Psychic Reader * Clairvoyant * Angel Readings * Psychic Fairs * Psychic Parties *
* Phone Readings * Lectures * Workshops *
* Mediumship * Psychic Development Classes *
* Corporate Parties * Small & Large Groups *
* 24+ years Experience *

Psychic Readings delving into your important issues of:
Love ~ Relationships ~ Career ~ Finances ~ Workplace Topics ~ Family/Friends
Past Lives ~ Spiritual Guidance & Empowerment

Readings are $50.00 for 30 minutes by phone only.
$2.50 a minute thereafter.
Caller is responsible for any long distance charges that incure

On most occassion you can receive your telephone reading on the day you call!
Call the Accessing Angels office now and leave the required information. Calls are checked hourly by our staff. Your call will be returned the same day.

Even as a young girl Kathy was aware that there was always "something else". She recommends such authors as

HANS HOLZER - John Edwards - Sylvia Brown

Teaching herself, and working on her own every step of the way. What may sound strange to some of us today, 30 years ago, your normal bookstore just didn't carry Metaphysical & Parapsychology Books as they do today! And channelers didn't just raise their hands in high school to participate in the Talent Show!

So Kathy studied.

Althrough all of the books crossing the burning night light, and all the weekend readings that Kathy placed under her belt before the ripe old age of 17, something was missing.

Kathy knew that she was able to pick up an energy that either no one talked about, or was anything but common. It existed inside of her. Not just inside the thinking mind, but almost as though the feeling went throughout the entire body.

Around the age of 18 Kathy thumbed through whatever periodical, magazine, book, or peripheral that discussed any topics related to

Physical Phenomenon (Still Kathys favorite topic of research)
Psychic-ological Research

She still had a feeling that she was looking for her glasses in the dark when she finally laid hands on the most significant writing of her life

Coming of Seth
authored by
Jane Roberts
The Coming of Seth
is not easy reading. So Kathy doesn't recommend this for the average beginner investigating their spirituality or natural intuitiveness. Reading a paragraph at a time is usually the normal acceleration for the reader." Kathy states in one of her many classes provided at her shoppe
The book is now out of print, however call our staff at Accessing Angels and we may be able to locate a copy.
When Kathy finally found The Coming of Seth she mentions that it was like "finally finding her glasses after looking for them in the dark, for years on end." Jane Roberts with her brave and open description of what channeling "feels" like, Kathy knew this was her area of focus and expertise.
Kathy suggest
If you are interested in starting with some of the same reading material that helped Kathy on her access and move ahead, check out the following titles & authors

A World Beyond
Ruth Montgomery
Simply put, this book answers so many "new-Age-ish" questions giving the reader a feeling of
"well that makes perfect sense"
The book poses simple answers on
Creation, Life After Death, Where is God and who is God.

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg
Joseph Chilton Pearce
Read this one slowly with an open mind. This has to be one of the all time New Age Classics discussing all that lies outside physical thought.
The Early Sessions "Book 1"
Jane Roberts
A bit easier to find than The Coming of Seth. This also contains more information by Jane verses Seth.

Any of these books can be purchased directly through Accessing Angels. With a simple call to the store, Kathy will help you customize your search on the learning tools you will need to investigate yourself, the issues surrounding you, as well as offer discerning information to what level you should begin on. Kathy believes that we are all the same, only at different paths of learning.

"It is extremly important that the student find the book, CD, lecture/workshop that is formatted to their level of consciousness. If you step anywhere that would place you in an unequal balance, you will feel that the learning is either

too much to comprehend in one sitting and this will lead to disinterest to continue (feeling overwhelmed) or
if you select information that is designed for the novice, then you will become uninterested (bored simply said)."

Kathy will ask you some questions on your background, your belief system, and then personally help you to locate the material and tools needed to complete your phase of learning for this particular time in life. "One on one help is what you get at our Book Nook, not only a bookmarker!" Kathy states with humor. By the do receive a nice gift of Kathy's selection with the purchase of products. I received a beautiful piece of Hematite in addition to my order. Something Kathy suggested may help in my learnings

Just click on the doorway below to see whats going on this month at Accessing Angels.

Once Kathy found the wisdom tools that emphasized her area of natural abilities, she proceeded to work on herself.
This included intense study on her issues and concerns. Questions that she asked of herself and of her higher power.
At the time, she didn't realize that she was in training for a job much bigger than she would ever imagine.
The vocation of an Intuitive Counselor & Spiritual Teacher. As a young girl she always loved to play teacher. To jump in and tutor others was commonplace.
But what was in store for Ms. Vaske, was not that of the conventual teacher.
She would instruct ethereal values and ideas.

After spending the beginning years working first on herself, claiming balance and continued knowledge she then concentrated on her family and close friendships.
Aiding those around her in accomplishing the ability to set goals, the duribility in obtaining them, and sending confidence to know that there is more than meets the eye.
Many people ask how to find happiness.
They want to know why there is such an empty spot...when there should not be.
Something is missing.

As you read this, you will more than likely remember a time when these statements have passed through your own mind.
If these questions have been ever present for any amount of time, then your path is opening,
This is how it begins. There is not a set time, There is not a certain way. We are all so individually talented, learning to see that talent is a gift in itself.
And know that the road isn't an easy one! Far-Far from it. have landed here somehow. On the vast open Internet.
Millions of pages exist. And there are many teachers and tools out there for those of you who seek them out yourself yourself.
Now with the risk of sounding like a Sylvester Stallone movie (wink)
Ask yourself....
"Did I land on this page out of coincidence?"

After working inside the private and non confronting sphere of her family & friends, Kathy embarked on a professional career of an ethical Psychic Advisor.
She now offers many readings to those that seek her expertise in the areas discussed.
We think you will find her information understandable, her approach comfortable, and concepts intriguing.

Below you will find connecting links to some of Kathy's other ventures and inspirations.
Kathy is the proud owner of a Metaphysical Shoppe in the Cincinnati Area, Accessing Angels.
Although Kathy's home port is Ohio, you may find her in an area close to you. Check her schedule of events. Call the office to find out how you can get a FREE PSYCHIC READING for yourself.
And most of all...if you have enjoyed this page, drop an email to say hi! Here is the link to click on to send Kathy a bit of e-mail.

Just click the link below to join
A place to talk with others of a like mind, ask about upcoming psychic fairs, recommend your area for consideration in future psychic fairs, or just chat with Kathy and others!

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