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My Testimony

I was "Born Again" or "Saved" in 1980. I can remember the day as if it were yesterday. In my youth I was very active in sports, especially baseball. I played an outfield position. One day while fielding a ball, I slipped and hurt my leg. The pain was just awful and I hobbled off the field. As the day went on into evening the pain grew worse. I didn't really want to go to the hospital, quite frankly, I could not afford the medical expense. I soaked in the tub for some time. While I was in the tub, I received a phone call from my mother, she had invited me to come to church. (As she had done many, many times before.) I looked at my wife with a   " Gee Not Again" look in my eyes and told my mother that I had hurt myself and I didn't think I could go. I hung up the phone and continued to soak. The pain in my leg grew worse and the thought of going to church with my mother kept gnawing at me till finally I asked my wife to call her back and tell her I would go but that my mother would have to drive.

(For years my mother had told me about Jesus and his return and how I need to receive him into my life for the forgiveness of sins In fact, I remember as a teenager walking in the front door of my home and having to step over people who Jesus had baptized in the Holy Spirit. These people were laying on the floor of my home just being filled with the Spirit. You see my parents are strong believers and they held impromptu meetings from time to time. They exercised their faith in Jesus. They would share the Gospel and praise Jesus and lay hands on these people and many times people would be filled the Holy Spirit. You would have thought that these experiences would have been enough to convince me. Gee it seemed that everywhere I would go, I would run into people telling me about Jesus. I couldn't get away.)

Anyway, I went to church and sat in the middle trying to blend in. I wondered why I was there. However, I recall how this was a happy place, full of singing and people smiling. This was not a "Hell and Damnation" church. People were praising God and sharing their testimonies of blessing and healing and many other things. I really didn't know what to make of it all. I mean people were laying on the floor shaking uncontrollably under the power of God. Anyway, the preacher delivers his message. (There was about a hundred people there). In the middle of his sermon, I was overcome with the thought of how I needed Jesus, it was just placed on my heart. I felt a bit frightened and all I did was say within myself, "Lord remember me". Now I do not remember what the preacher was speaking about, I think I was a bit glazed over until that moment. But at the exact moment that I said, "Lord remember me", the preacher abruptly stopped his preaching and came down from the pulpit and walked down the aisle stopping exactly even with where I was sitting and it was like he was listening to someone who I could not see. At that point he calls to me asking me to come out to meet him in the aisle. He laid his hands on me and started praying and speaking in tongues. The power of God fell on me like an anvil. It felt like a continuous charge of electricity and I fell backwards to the floor. As I fell to the floor I can remember that I felt as if I wasn't even in my body. I was kind of there in the church and kind of not. When I did finally hit the floor , it was more like falling into a feather bed. The electric current like feeling was flowing through me and my body was shaking and quaking. Also I was crying uncontrollably. This experience lasted for sometime and finally I got up off the floor and I was filled with a peace that are beyond what words can describe. Also , the pain in my leg was gone. At that moment I knew three things, Jesus was real and definitely alive, I was eternally forgiven and accepted into his family and that his return was soon.

I was filled with such a love and peace that was so visible to all who knew me. I was still me but I was just different. Since that time I have experienced and witnessed many miracles. I found out that Jesus is my friend and that he was waiting for me for so long. I have prayed for the sick and the diseased and Jesus has healed them (Including Cancer Patients) I have been given visions and dreams about his return as well as visions about incidents in peoples lives, which turned out to be true. I told a woman of such a vision I had concerning her. The detail was so exact that I think her jaw is still hanging at her feet. Her exact words were "I'm just Blown away, how could you know these things?" I said Jesus showed me just so you could know he is real and that he loves you.

Nothing brings me more joy than sharing the Gospel with others. I want to share the revelations I have received from Jesus with all and be his ministering servant for the edification of his children. For the purpose of helping them live in all the promises of God, in all the fullness of his love and in the total authority he intended for all his children to operate in.

This is the way that Jesus decided to reveal himself to me. He doesn’t have to do it the same way for you, he knows how to get through to a person. Invite Jesus into your life today and begin enjoying the hidden treasures of the Kingdom of God. Don't waste another day. His arms are outstretched at this very moment just waiting for you to reach for him. His ears are turned in your direction. He will hear your cry and answer you and you will then know it's all true. Amen.

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