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August 7th- WOW! This site's been closed since late May? NA!!! Yeesh... Reopened site today BECAUSE IT WAS KIND OF NEEDED!!! Will work on CR-I promise! (And I'm not broke anymore!)

January 12th-Happy New Year everyone! Changed a few things today.

December 30-This is driving me crazy! I'm trying ot get this done, but you have to remember, I'm in school and...Hey, I did get part of chapter 11 done the other day. Duz that work?

December 21st-AARGH!!! Okay, New Years is going to have to work...

December 20-HELP!!! I'm not sure if I can get this done in time! Updated with Animated Gifs.

November 23rd-Tired. Went to sleep last night at midnight after watching Sailor Moon. Too bored to do anything else.
Okay, I utterly promise that I will get the Celestial Renaissance done before Christmas. Either that or New Years. Actually, New Years sounds better. Another week to waste...

November 10-Bored to my wits end. Finally decided to come here and see if I could do anything.
Working on the Celestial Renaissance-STILL!!! It's getting really boring-all these parts in the middle where I have to write that nothing happens-so that means te end of the Celestial Renaissance will be the bomb!
Caught Little Birdie online last night. We emailed each other back and forth and back and forth and back and forth...At least last night I wasn't bored!

September 14-Began revamping.

September 11-In light of what happened this morning, I didn't update much today. I feel sad and paralyzed at what has happened, but I do know that, as a nation, we must go on. "Remember today and preserve it for all time, for it will change the way of American life forever."

September 5-Well, I added a news page. How's that for updates? Also, I finished chapter 5 of the CR yesterday-and I also determined that there's gonna be about 24 chapters, so I'll keep you posted on how it's coming along.