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Kalion: The Newest Member

Little Rabbit Power & Light International Presents
“The Magic of the Kalion: The Newest Member”
By Little Rabbit
Note to all Korriso Central fanatics-This is a short story I made, so all of you wouldn’t get bored while waiting on the Celestial Renaissance. Oh, well…I guess good things come to those who wait.

Kaiya watched in surprise as the mouse jumped from the building. He had no fear of hitting the ground. He was carrying a small sword, and he had a bright gem around his neck. His clothes billowed as he flew through the air.
Then Kaiya got it.
“He…He knows about the Kalion! I thought I was the only one…”
With that, Kaiya called out the magic words she needed. “Magic Kalion Violet!” Kaiya transformed into her magic Kalion clothes, and a sword appeared in front of her. Without warning, the rabbit jumped from the building and followed the mouse.
Keitaro, Kaiya’s chipmunk friend, had also transformed. “That mouse knows about the Kalion, doesn’t he?”
Kaiya nodded. “Yep. I think so. How does he know…”
Keitaro shrugged as he flew alongside Kaiya. “I’m not sure, I haven’t seen him before. I still find it hard to believe we can meet in our dreams like this.”
Kaiya smiled. “Ever since we discovered the Kalion six months or so ago, we’ve learned to harness its powers. Even though we made up the chants to transform us, they proved to be true. We also learned how to meet in our dreams when we had to defeat the Negaon a little while ago. Now another one of us may have found out…”
“We’ve got to see what he’s up to-“

Keitaro never got to finish his sentence. At that moment, both of their alarm clocks rang, and Kaiya and Keitaro got out of bed.

“That was weird,” Kaiya said to Keitaro on their way to school. “We might have a new student. Ask him about the Kalion…”
“I will,” Keitaro said. “It’s all mysterious, but we’ve learned to harness it all. This new friend might not know anything about the Kalion. He may have been born capable to harness it, like us…”
“Maybe. Tell him.”

Kaiya took her seat in her classroom. She smiled sweetly at her friend Ruki. Ruki smiled back, and then Mrs. Karada walked in, with a mouse behind her.
Immediately Kaiya rose from her seat. That’s the mouse from my dream! The one who is capable…
“This is Kaori Sore, who just moved here from Caseytown. Kaori, take a seat behind Kaiya there,” Mrs. Karada said.
Kaori nodded and took his seat. As Kaiya pulled out her homework, she looked back at Kaori. Kaori smiled back at her.

When class was done, Kaori went to his locker. Only then did he notice the note in his binder. When he opened it up, this is what it said-

Kaori- Do you know about something called the Kalion? Meet me by the swings at recess.


P.S. We’re not going out or anything.

Recess arrived without any extra neccesities, and Kaiya waited patiently by the swings, wating for Kaori. Keitaro had also arrived and was climbing the swingset-and also getting yelled at by the teachers.
“So, what are we going to do with Kaori?” Keitaro asked as he climbed back down from the swingset.
“I’m not sure,” Kaiya said. She sat down on one of the swings and pushed herself gently back and forth.
Just then, Kaori arrived from the slide area. “Now, what did you want to talk to me about?” he asked.
“Just something that is vital to our everyday life. Oof!” Keitaro said as he fell off the swingset.
The mouse and rabbit raced over to their chipmunk friend. “Keitaro! Are you okay?” Kaiya asked as she helped up her friend.
Keitaro dusted off his pants. “Yeah, I’m okay.”
“Vital to oru everyday life?”
Kaiya and Keitaro stared at Kaori. “Oh, yeah,” Kaiya said. “You have been born to harness the Kalion. Ever since we-me and Keitaro-discovered the Kalion two seasons ago, we’ve learned to harness its powers. Now, we can’t live without it. It’s a magic feeling you can use. Even though we made up the chants to transform us, they proved to be true. We also learned how to meet in our dreams when we had to defeat the Negaon a little while ago.”
Kaori snapped his fingers. “So that’s who you were? I was wondering who was following me…”
“That was us…” Keitaro said. “Now, are you with us?”
Kaori shook hands with Keitaro. “You bet.”

“Now, what do we do?” Kaori asked as the trio once again went zooming through the night.
“Just hold out your crystal and yell, ‘Magic Kalion Sapphire!’ and the Kalion will take care of the rest,” Keitaro said as he himself transformed. “Magic Kalion Ruby!”
Kaori followed suit. “Magic Kalion Sapphire!”
Kaiya smiled as the three sailed forward.
To whatever challenge lay ahead.