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Feline Endeavors: Destination Endeavor

What if you were alone, suddenly by yourself in this world, and you found out the only person you could trust was a brother you didn't even know?

This is the problem that 10-year old Aerinera faces when one night, she meets Kyneritio, another young kitten at their orphanage. Discovering that the two are siblings, Kyneritio makes a desicion to follow his destiny and find the one person who put the two in that orphanage in the first place.
Aerinera, however, must decide if Ky is telling the truth or not. Will she accept the challenge that fate has thrown her?

This is one of the few LRPLI stories that is co-written. Little Rabbit and Little Kitten both started the story circa June 3rd, 2001, in the Summer of Pine Needles. Little Rabbit's view of the story: "It's a story for both boys and girls. Guys will like Kyneritio's vivid edge and how he adapts to situations just like they would. Girls will like Aerinera's tomboy attitude, and those that aren't tomboys will enjoy watching Sayora try the makeup routine.
The newest member of the crew, Little Birdie, says this about Feline Endeavors: "It's really cool, and I can't wait for more. It's bound to be a good story."