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The Caliar Chronicles


First Page

First Page

Mao Sora/Cielo Mao/Skye Mao

Yeehaw! ~Now this is what I call a webpage. Oh, sorry. I'm Skye Mao, the Caliar Time Traveler of the Blue Crystal. I live in Reverie (but you knew that) and I love sports. Basketball, baseball, even football where I have to get muddy.

I'm 5 foot 3 and I weigh...You really thought I was gonna tell you? Curse you. You must be one of Pasiton's evil henchmen. You see, he's trying to change time so he can become ruler of the world. What's up with bad guys? They always want to rule the world. LR says she don't wanna do that. She just wants to get us on the air.

It's way cool living here. I hang out with my best friend, Lucy Truth. We do a lot of fun things together, but sometimes it hurts. (She's a hedgehog, you know.) Lucy's a Caliar like me, as well as my other friends Rocket Semi, Maurice Snuggly, and Theo Rosherb.

The color crystals are very mysterious, but I know they won't be enough to defeat Pasiton. Maybe there's a secret power inside Rocket's crystal. His is a bit different from the others, you know. Tee hee hee *u* He's kinda cute for a squirrel!