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The Caliar Chronicles


First Page

First Page

Rocket Semi/Semi Roketto

Hi! It's me, Rocket, and this is my page. You know, where I get to talk about how cool I am, how cool my friends are and everything. Don't tell Radiolo though-LR got my page up before his, so he'll freak.

So, about me. I'm 5 foot 4-including the ears and tail ensemble. The tail's not in the pic-LR had to leave it out for size purposes. I live in Reverie, which is a city in southern Bear County, just on the border. It's way cool living here. I hang out with my friends, Maurice Snuggly and Theo Rosherb. It's kinda cool having a puppy and a bunny for friends. I go to school here, too.

There's also something else, too...

Oh, yeah. I forgot. You do know about the Caliar Time Travelers, right? I thought you did. I'm one of them, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. It's a special secret. In fact, Theo and Maurice are Caliars too, so it's okay to tell them. The other two Caliars are girls-Lucy Truth's a hedgehog and Skye Mao's a mouse. Radiolo knows as well. He's the one who got us started on the whole situation, but enough of that.

We get to use our powers as Caliar Time Travelers to do pretty amazing things. For the first thing, we time travel. (Duh!) Which makes history fun, for one thing. Second, there's this really annoying dude out there by the name of Pasiton-he wants to take over time. So we gotta go in there and beat him up. There's a special power and weapon in each Caliar Crystal (mine's red) to help us get rid of the little bugs.

The color crystals are very mysterious. Who knows? Maybe there's a new, mysterious power out there...