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First Page

First Page

Lucy Truth/Teruko Lushi

Hey, everyone, it's me! Lucy Truth, the Caliar Time Traveler of the Green Crystal. Everyone knows me as Lucy, so that's what you should know me by as too!~

I used to not like fighting, and I thought that all fighting was bad. I was into things like makeup and sorts when Skye Mao, the coolest girl in school, came up to me and asked me if I wanted to come over to her house! (I'm not that popular) We ended up going to Rocket Semi's house instead, and I was told that I was a Caliar Time Traveler and I was supposed to fight this guy. Well, knowing me, I asked a bunch of questions-p's and q's and the works-and I said that I didn't want to fight. But an incident changed my mind forever. Let's see now...Wasn't that before Rocket revived the Celestial Crystal?

Oh, dang me! I just gave away part of the story. Oh, well. It pays to be paying attention.