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The sunlight danced across the blue room. It took Skye just a minute to wake up. Yawning and stretching, she looked over at her clock.
“Dang,” she said, “I missed today’s episode of Pretty Chick Fashion. Guess I’m gonna have to…”
Her thoughts were interrupted by the slamming of the door and the voice of her great-uncle, Matt Mao. “I’m gonna kill Radiolo!”
Skye, still in her nightgown, exited her room and walked toward the sound of the slam. Opening the door that had obviously been slammed, she found her great-uncle tossing objects across the room. “I swear,” she heard him mutter, “I’m going to kill him if it’s the last thing I do. The Caliars need those crystals! How could he be so stupid!”
Skye waltzed around her relative and, without thinking once, stepped with both feet onto his tail. With a scream of pain, Matt whirled his arm around and caught Skye off guard. The young mouse was then flung across the room.
Matt turned around, ready to give Skye a piece of his mind, and stopped.
Skye sat, cowering in the corner, ready to get beaten. But she wasn’t. Opening her eyes slowly, she watched Matt slowly sink to the floor. “Skye?” he said. “Is that you?”
Pulling herself up, the white mouse smiled. “No, Santa Paws, who do you think…"
“No, it’s not that,” Matt said to her. “Look, are you ready to take on a big responsibility?”
Skye gulped. “Yeah, but can I change first?”
“Sure,” Matt said as Skye went to go change. “Then I’ll tell you about what it will take to be a Caliar Time Traveler.”

The Celestial Renaissance-Coming Soon

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