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First Page

First Page

The Saga Unfolds in "The Celestial Renaissance"

The Celestial Renaissance

Meet Rocket Semi, just a normal thirteen-year-old squirrel always weeding in the backyard and hanging out with his friends. Is that the way it really is? We didn't think so!

Rocket and his four friends, Skye, Maurice, Theo and Lucy are really the five Caliar Time Travelers. Using their special crystals, they are out to protect time together against the evil Pasiton, who wishes to erase time and change it so it falls in his favor.

The Celestial Renaissance, the first adventure of the Caliar Time Travelers, will be out before Christmas.

News: 11-4-02: Well, I finally fixed the darn site. About time, Little Rabbit... (smacks self) But the story should be up soon... (throws confetti all over the desktop)

Caliar Time Travelers and Kaliara Jikoku Watarimono are part of the LRPLI. All rights reserved on copyrights. And, as always, the LRPLI is not responsible for uncontrollable fits of laughter.