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With a special section for you folks out there! 
Tell me
when you first realized there was more than just subtext going on, and I'll make sure you're credited!
This is a special look at just what made this the gayest show on T.V. in the day-and believe me, once you've seen it, you can't not see it!! Includes definitive audio proof as well as The Lone Gunmen!

My first Sentinel fic

Everything Changes....

Mom, Don't Go Here

 “"I'm a heroine addict. I need to have sex with women who have saved someone's life."
― Mitch Hedberg

S.R.819- From saying "hey" to the bruise to "I woke up-""Alone?" to the ending where Fox is going sketchy wanting to help, and Walter doesn't want to get him involved. Also, did anyone ever figure out why Krycek did it? Or are we still going with the theory that he was jealous? Let's not forget Matheson's jealousy, or the fact that Kim is freaked when she finds Fox in Walter's office, but acquiesces just a little too quickly-she knows.

1. X-Files (mine):
(Just click on a title to get to the stories)

More Than You Think You Are
All new story, all new angst.  This one's all Mulder's POV, badly researched but lovingly written, and gives us another look at romance, M/Sk style!  Completed August 5, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation:
another series based on an assorted tape that, as usual, I tried to make for myself and wound up giving to Fox and Walter. This one has a fine thread of plot through it, though, unlike Fox and Walter's Mood Music. Graphics by the phenomenal Chad Skywalker! Completed October 15, 2001-with a belated happy 40th birthday to Fox!

Mad Season

Welcome back to the Vacation Universe! It was a long year or so for the Badger and his puppy, and this  to How I Spent My Summer Vacation picks up at the end of the series... Graphics by the phenomenal Chad Skywalker! Completed October 11, 2002 with an early Happy Birthday to Fox!

Road Rage
At long last, here we go again. The latest  in the mighty Vacation universe, where anything can and frequently does happen, although true love will always rule! Completed September 12, 2004

Songs of the South:
I take no responsibility for the radioactive shmoop that lies herein! Blame it on Chad, who strokes my ego and indulges my passions. More vignettes in the Fox and Badger Universe.

our look at what was really going on during the commercials, or when the cameras stopped rolling...included here is my new interpretation of Kitsunegari, which won second place in the Slashing Mulder Anniversary Contest. If you have  a particular episode that you've re-written, or would like to see a scene redone in true slash fashion, let me know!
(Note: these stories are by myself and others, and include  scenes or quotes from actual episodes)

My Best Friend's Wedding:
a story that took a long time to get to the world, but with a little help from some on line fans, it shaped up nicely, and has a plot and junk.  Also honoured with a beautiful cover by the uberamazing Neige! Completed March 2002.

You or Somebody Like You:
this story began it's life as a vignette for Fox and Walter's Mood Music, but was just way too long. I wound up telling a story that sounded like it would be really funny, but in the end, not so much! If you like it, write and tell me so, and if you hate it, blame Shane! Completed May 2001

Fox and Walter's Mood Music:
this is the first set of stories I wrote in the X-files slash universe- it's a series of vignettes, not necessarily going together, based on a tape I recorded at work which started life as Michele's, and wound up belonging to Fox and Walter. Includes award winning stories (who knew?) The Swing and Lovers In A Dangerous Time  Completed July 2001
1a. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (mine)
NRFTW nominee inside!
Having participated in a few challenges now, there is more than one story here about the goings on in Sunnydale, and more specifically, the goings on of one tasty Watcher, so at last, my forays into the Whedonverse now have their own page. Still slashy, and even an XF crossover, so don't think I've completely lost my mind! NEW! Summer of Giles 2013

1b. Torchwood (mine)
AWARD WINNER inside...
We're at something like seven stories in this lovely Welsh universe, and I suspect there's more that Ianto Jones wants to do and say, no matter what Russell Davies thinks. Enjoy!!

1c. Sherlock (mine)
I thought this fandom might be too clever for me to do more than read in, but, oops, there are now stories! So if you're a fan of a certain Consulting Detective and his army doctor, welcome! This is BBC/Moffat/Gatiss land, so don't look for Victorian era deerstalkers or pipes, just a romance that is ageless and undeniable. Cheers! NEW! Pictures of Lily

1d. More Slashing (mine)
AWARD WINNER inside...
Odds n ends, snippets as well as larger works, mostly M/Sk, but you never know what you'll see when you put on those slashglasses..... M/K, Smallville, The Sentinel, Suits, Top Gear, White Collar, Hawaii Five-0, crossovers and more...
2. X-Files (not mine..) aka Fabulous Friends put pen to paper
(Just click on the title to get to the stories)  
This is where I like to showcase stories from other writers. Some of these are written by X-Virgins who are desperate for feedback, so let 'em know if their Is are dotted, their T's are crossed and their Foxes are angsty enough!!   

3. Other Stories by Other Writers aka Non-X-Files slashings
(Just click on the title to get to the stories) 
-sometimes it's not all about Fox and Walter, but anybody can be slashed!
    Don't forget to write and tell me all your thoughts...


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