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Dot's Poetry Corner

"Thou reader throbbest life and pride and love the same as I,
Therefore for thee the following chants."
            -Walt Whitman

Ah, poetry, the workings of the mind without the constraints of proper grammar, diction or punctuation.  The rules are, there are no rules.  If it doesn't make sense, just call it free verse!

The following are my own, my friends' and our thoughts...Enjoy!

Poems by Mick:

A Break Up Song
Yay! I have a Mick poem! All the explanations and disclaimers are on the page, so I'll just say it's M/K, and now get your ass over there and read it--it's fantastic!
A Make Up Song
Double Yay! The only thing yummier than a Mick poem is a Mick poem sequel! More poignant M/K-Go! Go now!
I Sewed All Night (aka Paige's new hit)
If you haven't heard anything from Paige Davis Page and the Haywallers, then you don't know what you're missing; a Trading Spaces song filk from the mighty Mick!
I Enjoy (Being A Guy)
Ah, it is all about the guys, isn't it? Of course, this filking ode by Mick made me think of that line from Friends: "I can't believe my parents are pressuring me to marry one of you!" The filk itself is genius though!
Sexy Haikus
You can't go wrong with Haiku...this is what happens when you're trying to find a new way to write the same old orgasms, and a brilliant bunny steps in to help you. This could also be known as the poetic version of Road Rage chapter 12
Gay Ducks In Canada
a new moment of genius in the ever growing always brilliant Mik-filk collection. Enjoy!
Life Slices
by Mik (a day in 78 words)
oh, and by the way, if you didn't know it by now, this guy is a genius!

Filk by Andrea:

Filk by Andrea

Click on sexy winking Nick, and you open up a whole wide world of filking fun, with Andrea, queen of Ratlove, Empress of Ratfilk, and one of the most stalkerlicious Nickfans I know!


A paean (well, two haikus, really) to winter in North Carolina...
from PsychGirl's Journal
From the Pride Week Writer's Workshop....
comes this collection of haikus. The challenge was to choose a body part or more than one and write! Genius ensues....
Haiku Knife Set
Sonja Blue embarks on a dark and dangerous poetic slash journey
A plethora of Easter poetry goodness courtesy of Jessabelle
A Haiku
A tasteful and only a little bitter poem on the weekend before Easter from the queen of the banners!
Scottish Nose Fountain-A Haiku
This is what happens when you make a talented writer spit up laughing on the X-OK list! Thanks, Livia, and welcome to the list!
Haikus for Skinner
by the cat with green wings
reprinted here without permission, only because I found these and other haikus at Down In The Basement, which didn't have email addresses for the cat with green wings...so cat, if you stumble across this page, please email and let me know if it's okay, or if you want them removed, or what!

Poems by Laurie:

Just a click of the mouse will bring you to a whole host of Forever Knight goodness courtesy of Laurie of the Isles, who included both stories and poems for me. If you're a fan of the original "Angel", you're bound to enjoy these!

Filk by J.D. Rush:

Ah, darling J.D. finally found her way to the M/Sk dark side, earned herself a fox for It Takes All Kinds, and of course, made a goddess very very happy with this filk of Lola
My Frohike
A filk for our Gunman, by J.D.Rush. Goes with Super Geek, and now we want our Byers song, lady! *L*
Super Geek
The companion piece to My Frohike, by J.D.Rush--enjoy, I know I did!
I Want Byers
"Byers in a suit there's nothing better..." Ain't that the truth! The third part of the trilogy J.D. didn't intend to write!

Poems and Filk by Jason:

Mulder Slash
I found this little gem almost complete in the back of one of my notebooks. It's a filk from Ed Delicious, and I tacked on the last verse just to get it posted--thanks Jason! 
Jason's poems aka the musings of Ed Delicious
I must admit, I love the bleak humour in these, almost as much as I love the man who wrote them!
My First Sonnet. (be kind)
More twisted thoughts from the man who brought you "X-Chained Melody"
Sherlock Haikus
in response to a ThinkGeek haiku about bacon
Suits Haikus
who seems suspiciously obsessed with Donna!

Poems by Deedz:

A Dirty Poem
by Princess Deedz
No, really, it's dirty, and the kind of thing we get to hear at brunch all the time...made Angie blush, though!
An ode to a special someone, 
by Princess Deedz
De Empress Annie Blues
Princess Deedz gives us this loving ode to her Empress--you really need a kazoo for backup to get the whole experience!

Me First...

These are my own thoughts, mostly angsty, but my poetry seems to all come from the darkest part of my soul.  Makes for good therapy, even if I do have to write them with crayon, just in case...oh, and did I mention I love rewriting songs?



All Out of Sorts by Atlin Merrick(filk)
  another filk for an Atlin Merrick story, and what the heck are you doing still sitting there when you could be reading it right now!
And Then He Kissed Me (filk)
  Blair (filk)

The Discovery Channel Song: (filk)
(if you haven't seen the advert yet, or heard the song, you can check it out here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5BxymuiAxQ)
and then simply click an icon for the filking fun!

Good luck, everyone! Keep in touch!
  -a tribute to Startek Regina 2003-2009
  It's All Been Done Before (filk)
  Kitsune A.U.
Love Slumbers
Mehndi by Atlin Merrick
another track for the Atlin Merrick's Greatest Hits album, with love and respect for this story HERE
Minutiae (Or 156 Things I Know About You by Atlin Merrick)(filk)
  -a tribute to Atlin Merrick, who makes words dance, and has given us a unique and utterly compelling vision of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes--thank you Wendy, you are a marvel!
Personal Ad
  She's Right
  This Page
  12 Step Suicide
  Waiting for...
  Wake I
  Wake II
  Wake III
  We All Watch The X-Files (filk)
  Witch Doctor (filk)

Then You...



In celebration of AtlinMerrick
a series of limericks and haikus by 221b_hound inspired by one of the Sherlock fandom's best and brightest

Erin's Reichenbach Poem
from the land of tumblr comes this lovely limerick from thescienceofobsession

UNTITLED (a Sherlock/John song)
shouldbeoverthis says: "My marvelous friend wrote this for me even though he’s not a slasher!"
You can find more fantastic stuff here: http://shouldboverthis.livejournal.com/

I'm In Love With The New Sherlock Holmes
by Meszarin, who says: "This bit of Cumberbatch-inspired doggerel popped into my head unbidden today."
You can meet the author here: http://melaszka.livejournal.com/

shouldbeoverthis wrote this hysterical and terrifyingly accurate poem about that guy with the funny name. You can find more of her fantastic stuff here:  http://shouldboverthis.livejournal.com/

England Unplugged

my Dad sent me a poem about a power converter--how fun is that?

I Will Survive
courtesy of Louise and Elaine, our own beloved Cougars!

It Just Is
an original poem by Will Miller, passed onto me by Shane. Beware, here there be schmoop....

this showed up in my inbox from Whitney, and I had to post it cos I miss her and Jason too, and just cos it's really really cool!

FBI MAN (filk)
My good friend Chad has stepped into the filk arena with a re-write for Mulder of an ABBA rarity!

It's A Mulder Thing (filk)
It certainly is! Another filking foray from Chad, who's Spooky repetoire rocks my world!

by Gizzie, written a long time ago in an X-Galaxy far far away...

DD In The Bakery
Gizzie wrote this little gem, and, in the words of Ross from Friends, "I don't know if I'm horny or hungry."

Just For Gizzie (filk)
Lisby wrote this filk in a fit of inspiration, and if you knew our Giz the way we do, you'd understand; "naghover..." You slay me too, Giz!

A love poem of sorts by Pete, aka Skunk Arse, who we had hoped to see again someday--we miss all the meeping  and purring...

A Father Inside
A poem I got from the gaysask list, by Jamie, reprinted here without permission, but I never heard from him. It's beautiful, though, and if you see it, Jamie, let me know if you mind!

From a book of poems Marc shared with me. They're all great, but I like the optimistic flavor of this one.

The End of the X
Angie  gives good free verse, even if it's accidental, and she shares the pain of a cancelled series...

found this poem for Mulder Down In The Basement, and thought it was great! If you think it's great, too, let Adrienne aka Lady of Rage know!

The Tasteful Al Rae Poetry Collection
Kai sent these to me under the guise of quotes for famous last words, but really, they're poems, so here they are

Cliche Juice
this poem by David Duchovny is reprinted here without permission, since I wouldn't know how to get a hold of him to ask.

Strange Flesh
by Susan Jameson--a beautiful love poem that ties directly into her triangle story series, which I hightly recommend you read over at imadethis.org-Thanks for letting me post this, Suse!

Meowy X-Mas said Jesus's cat, Sprinkles
Dallas sent this to Curt, who passed it along to me, and it is just too beautifully disturbing not to post, so I asked Dallas, and he said I could! 

My very favorite dumbf**k berry farmer sent this to me in a moment of need, and I'm posting it to tell him we need him too! Love you, Nichy!

Double Dong Entendre
Jeff B., formerly known as that Pilsner guy, read this poem at the annual AIDS Benefit one year, and I was captivated-so much so that I got good and drunk, put on six inch platform shoes, and begged him to let me post it.  And here it is.

Naughty Nursery Rhymes
Barkley sent these to me, and he's right, number three is the funniest!

There Was A Young Man Named Fox...
by lush virtues. This is an NC17 X-Files slash tale told completely with limericks-you don't get much more original than that!

You Know About Fox and the Chair
a sequel to There Was A Young Man Named Fox...more NC17 fun 'n' games with a rhyme scheme from 
lush virtues!

Lois's Lament
A poem from Neal that tells you more than Margot and Christopher ever could! Brilliant, in that kryptonite way!

The Empress is A Tramp (filk)
This is the number that my good friend Buster did at Investitures in Calgary-he's so talented. Now if only that power could be used for good and not evil...

I got a friend's permission to post this beautiful but sad song, and I always wonder when I read it, if that's really what was going on in his head, and who the key figures are.  Thanks, Jae!

do you really beLIEve
This is another one of Jae's songs. Let him know if you like his stuff as much as I do!

Wulfster's angst.  He has discovered a deep well of creativity in himself, and I am showcasing some of it here.

Okay, okay, already, it's posted.  Sheesh, you'd think he was an emperor or something; more Wulfster-angst

Curt's non-existent poem.
I got my story, and a sequel, and the tee shirt! This poem still makes me giggle, though

I Am
Inspired by a certain patriotic commercial (see if you can guess which one)-did I mention Electra Storm rocks my world?

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