An Open Letter to My Friends. . .

"Always remember me by three simple words...any three, as long as they're simple."
-Boris Tateerz

So here we are again, my friend, and I hope you had a good time this weekend; I probably did! You probably missed some of the show while you were squinting at the program and looking for your name (don't lie, we all do it!) Well, if you didn't put in an ad, or TPTB decided you didn't get some love on those pages,  you just might have wound up here. Glad to have you!
Of course, if you're just here for the porn, head on over to the slash page, which is a good bit and has Walter in it. Otherwise, check this out!
There may be a message for you here.  Or not.  Either way, welcome to the Home of The Goddess.  Enjoy your visit, and drop by anytime-the coffee's always on!

"Names, darling, names"
-Jennifer Saunders

This is where I get personal, if only for a moment, and if only for the few of you who may indulge my delicious and meretricious feelings of self-importance long enough to visit this page.  If you are not one of the two or three, let me know who you are, and I'll add your name to this message.  Maybe...

Coronation 28: GlamCon: From Broadway Lights to ComicCon sights

Well, there you have it.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my ball ad page, and please feel free to browse the rest of the site.  Just remember, there's an infinite amount of love in the world; enough for you, enough for me, and enough for *them*. And at the end of the day, you've just got to say it's all right....

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"If there's an iced tea in that bag, it could be love."
-Fox Mulder

Thus I do remain,
Her Imperial and Sovereign Majesty, the fourth elected and fifth appointed Empress of Regina and all of Saskatchewan,
the Vagina from Regina,five foot two no matter which way you measure her, the Golden Arches Rainbow Pride Not Obsessed Just Focused Stalkerific X-Files Empress, self identifying as retaining fluid and donutsexual,
Empress IV
and V


Community Historian Empress Ultima

recipient of the Golden Wheat Sheaf Lifetime Achievement Award 2017

Mike Hunt-Hurtz Lickit

Missy Starshine


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