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Hello again, Ladies and Gents!

1 June 2004

Well looky here - it's an update! Ladies and gents, Goths of Colour is moving! Yep, I've finally got a domain name - now I just have to get everything sorted. New gallery, a Bob page, some baby stuff, and a special dedication to a friend coming soon - and of course none of these bloody popups! I'll be updating links to reflect a few changes and also trying to get a bit more content here, so keep an eye on this space, as it's going to take a little time.

I've been getting a lot of great emails from folks who have read my articles (hard to believe I wrote those almost five years ago!). Yes I'm still getting email about my stuff! I've even been invited to write a few pieces for some projects for folks in their final year of university, and I can't say enough how much this rocks me in so many, many ways! I wrote this site for all of us, and I love getting confirmation that it needed to be done, and it's appreciated. Thank you all!

Diva Style Archive has indeed been added. Archive is now here

Due to the fact that I didn't feel right about selling out to people and their BS through the Live Journal, I did put my Live Journal back up. Read at your own risk; if you really don't want to know about my sex life or any other sordid details, don't read the bloody thing! If you happen to have LJ, I encourage people to check out the group called 'Wierdos of Color', for all the freaks, and also to join Yahoo Groups 'Darker Shade of Pale'. Network, people, network!

We had our two year anniversary this year! If you care to see our original Wedding Photos , just click the link. The bride wore black...

So, on with the show,  again, there is the



Enjoy your visit.

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