Thursday 04

Yeah, yeah, a new year so what? Same old stuff happening. Still have to pay bills and deal with the same old mess as last and to top it all, getting older. But I'm not complainging. I have learnt many a thing that will serve me well till the end of my days so I think I'll make it. Most definitely. Did you say New Year resolution? Oh, lots of them. I resolve eat daily,sleep daily and deal with mess daily. Get it? That way I'll be bound to to keep my New Year Resolution. Happy New Year!!!!!!

Monday 08
Rainy day, just chilled. school's startting on monday, boo-hoo! Anyway, we know it will end one day so no hard feelings but it can be tough oh.

Tuesday 09
Did I mention school's starting on Monday? Well, its showtime! Its been so cold these days that I wonder if .... actually I don't know what I'm wondering. Well, this year is starting off well. I'm doing stuff I like to do and you know its going to be much better I can feel it in my bones. Yay!

Thursday 11
No news they say is good news so I guess its all good right now. Not much is happening in my life. Still working out and working hard, trying to be more conscious of my self amd my life . I think its all going to make sense this year.

Sunday 14
School's started and it looks like it will be okay this sememster. And I'm still working out. So far, so nothing to report about ti. Maybe its because I still feed heavily on junk food but I hope I can come to some sort of arrangement with my body you know ...where I can eat anything and it will throw out a lot of it . Ha! Ha! Yeah, that a good title or subject rather for a diet book. "Teaching Your Body How To Excrete all The Food You Eat" Well I hope all of you will buy the book. I'm out

Monday 15
What is your dream? Do you even have a dream? I know my dreams but sometimes I wonder if I can shake off my lethargy to work on my dreams. Yes, its dream time, so lets dream on. Happy Martin Luther King's Day!

Thursday 18
Some days, nothing just seems to happen and I guess I'm at one of those times in my life. What can I say? But still each day is a new experience that will be nothing like any that comes before it or after it so I'm going to sit back and actually enjoy today. Wow!

Friday 19
Wow! Jesse Jackson! You surprised us all yet who am I really to judge? I don't know, it can be too hard knowing exactly where to start and stop in blaming peoiple for their mistakes and the thing that gets to me is that he would not have told if he wasn't found out and thats like how it is for almost all of us, we play it by the ear and see how much we can get away with.

Sunday 21
Just when I thought I had met all the characters there could be, I meet a guy who had gone to work and pay attention please, gone to work everyday for the last four years, not snow, rain nor sleet has stopped him from being at his place of work. Isn't that something? Hello, do you have a life? But still thats something to be marvelled at, think about it, we eat everyday, how about going to work everyday? Impossible? I heard you all alright!