Monday 04

Yeah, been quiet a long time. But I'll make it up to y'all. I've been fine, diary and I made it yet to another beautiful month. I wish I could go to Nigeria but I can't so I'll have to settle for being happy for those that are travelling. God bless all of y'all! December is the the very best month in Nigeria. You can even smell xmas in the air. You start picking out your hairdo. Weave-on or braids? The million naira question. New clothes, no doubts. Thats when you start praying for a 419ner to take an interest in you cos you have to represent seriously. Here, xmas is cold and I'm not talking about just the weather, its really no fun but we have around of parties to attend and I promise to be there live for all of them. Yeah right!

Tuesday 05
Oh well, I think its time for a change in direction. Want to see if I still have the magic. I'm about to become a technician. How did that happen? Tell you diary tomorrow.

Wednesday 06
Well the reason I am becoming a technician is because they keep bringing in new machineries and our hours are getting cut. I need to try something else. Please wish me goodluck. Anyway, diary I got my first 419 letter today. Interesting 38million dollars all for me. cool. cool

Monday 11
Great day. Cold but great. You know I'm something of a chess whiz at work and the boys are hating on me seriously because I'm beating them so badly at the game and of course they are like "imagine a girl beating them at chess" Now I have only one comment. Where did men get the notion that they are intellectually superior to women? They must be fooling themselves. Reminds me of when the engineering dept was scraped at UniUyo and the engineering folks had to be reassigned. My friends chose Physics dept so during one of their study groups, my friend asked what probably seemed to the guys to be a particularly stupid question and so one of the guys said to her "Its really not too late to change your course, you know" Of course my girl bit his head off. Shame on y'all, men. The mothers of your babies, they think they are stupid? You better think again.

Thursday 14
Happiness is .... old friends that get better with age. I love the kind of friends I have. True to the last bit. Not that they can't hurt me but I know they will not do so willingly. Nothing helps like friendship. Somebody to hold ur hands when you need it, makes all the difference in life.

Saturday 16
I just rediscovered my Jon B cd. I'm playing it like every minute. Having a cd is funny. I usually listen to the track that made me buy it then drop it. Later I complain about having so many CDs. Now for inspiration, I put one on when I work on my computer and gosh! I find so many other tracks I just love! Its so cool.

Wednesday 20
Amazing, christmas is upon us yet I don't feel a thing. We are sort of snowed in. Not snowed in enough to stop you from doing what you wanna do but snowed in enough to call in at work. See the rationale? Only in America! Well, its christmas time and more importantly, another year is coming up. Ouch! How time flies.