October 2

Amazing. Another month. How time flies. I gues it's meant to be that way so I have no complaints. Yeah, life could be worse. Then again it could be better.

October 3

OK, fess up girls, why do u go to the gym. What is your motivation? Is it to get a fab bod or to stare at those with fab bods? Me, I go to stare. those pecs, ads are a huge turn on. I'm like eyeing all the brothers and y'all know how the brothers can show off. So I'm at the gym now what 2hrs or 5hrs? Yeah right. I can barely hang in there for 15mins but these days, at all the bods make me stare. Slap me 5 baby!

October 8

Imitation they say is the best form of flattery but exactly how much do u want people to copy you? Not right now to every last sentence! How about some originality? Trust me, that feels good sometimes. I mean you have to get your ideas from somewhere but add ur own distinctive style to make it yours, you know?. Okay thats all I have to say on the that. Next time, I'ma take y'all to court. So life is good. things are looking up and I'm feeling all of y'all. Thanks for neen so good to me. Meanwhile, some thing is brewing seriously. But right now what I wanna know is why gals fight over men? Do you think that will make them love you better or what? Is this like a winner takes all situation? Like DMX will say, "Somebody let me know" because I don't know what exactly gos on in "awon" sistas heads as they go at it cos u know if its a winner takes all, I might have to go into training cos I do not have strength. At least right now

October 9

I talking about fighting over guys and I was wondering why and so I decided to sample a few opinions from chicas who were ready to bare it all. According to my friend Kechi, fighting the girl helped to ease the frustration of not knowing what to do abi you will hit the guy? Better not try that. As for my friend Bidemi, she's like "ah, only if the girl attacks me first, then I will pound her into a pulp" but excuse me what if the gilr beats the shit out of you? I mean so what happens if you lose,(in the fight, I mean)do you like give up your rights(?)to the guy or he now pities you and pays you more attention. Actually, I need to sample guys opinions on this topic of mine. Ciao

October 20

Its been too long folks, just trying to figure out how much y'all miss me. Not very much judging from your reactions which was zilch but any ways, I can deal with that. So whats the deal with OPC and Lagos riots and all that mess? Are they fixing to start something up? I pray not sha because we have too much trouble already for them to add a war to it Well, since they have arrested whoever is in control of the OPC, I hope that will bring a little peace to us all. Amen oh!

October 26

When the men strike! Diary, men are a total enigma. What does it take to understand a guy? I bet the answer is an unknown to every women. Just when you think you have gotten a grip on the situation, they throw in a curve ball. Your guy of 4yrs decide to move out of state and few weeks later starts getting married to somebody else, your boyfriend tells you his lover is his sister and the list go on. When are we going to understand? And the worst thing is, you cannot close your heart, you will be thinking what if the right one passes by right now and so you love again and you hurt again and today I read Maya Angelou's "I rise' and women out there we will rise no matter what happens. When Mr Right turns to Mr Frightening, you will rise again. Peace out

October 27

Dear diary, I love life. I want to go on living but sometimes, even the simplest thing is hard to do. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking of ending my life or any such shit. I'm just wondering and ruminating about too many stuff but I'm not gonna make it bad for myself. I'll have to ... For the first time in my life, I don't know what I'm saying. I'm out