Saturday 02

New month so we know what that means. Meanwhile, the lectures this semester are designed to kill and I mean kill. I hope I might be one of the few survivors. I definitely know there will not be too many. Well Charles surfaced again from only God knows where and I'm like "Hello, this is not a train station, you do not just get off and on whenever you feel like" and naturally, the sister slammed the phone on him. This life sef. Na wahala everytime. Well, the other day I was talking to my buddy at work and we got to the topic that everything revolves around. Yes, you guessed right. SEX. So he was like, if he was a woman, he would have liked to be a ho(sell booty)because it would be a job that would combine him earning mad money and doing something he took pleasure in. That was his view. So I told him it did not always work that way so he revised it to if he was a woman with a man's brain, heart or whatever. And that got me thinking. Is there a particular reason why woman are more sensitive than men? Not that there are no women selling booty already but somehow, they usually give the impression that they do it because they have no other choice. So I was thinking, the reason we are so sensitive is because we are nurturing. Imagine us having the mind of men. Being able to get up and leave anytime the going gets hard. Women rarely do that and when they do that, you know there is a problem somewhere read drug use. And so I'm like yes, I'm sensitive and I'm proud because it fulfills self preservation. Meaning you need sensitivity to raise kids and stuff like that and we women have it!

Tuesday 05

Who says staying alive is easy? Certainly not me. For all you positive and easy going people out there, more kudos to you.And if u are like me and wonder why some people always have a smile on their faces,know that u are not alone. One thing I've learnt about life is that its all about attitude. How many people have you thought had it going on only to get else to them and realise that they are in just the same boat as you. Well borrow a leaf out of their books. Not that u need to pretend that everything is fine all the time, just believe that everything will work out eventually and the truth is, they will. I'm a realist or to some people, a pessimist. I'm still working on believing and trust me on this, its not an easy job but everyday, I make progress I think, I believe.

Thursday 7

Charles, Charles, Charles. Men! Can't live with them, can't live without them. Not to say I don't love them, I really do but sometimes, I wonder what life would be without them... sometimes. But whats a girl to do? Just keep keeping on that all.

Saturday 09

I'm still keeping. Good or bad I'm still here. Trying to deal with this monstrosity called life and you know what the deal is? The deal is it ain't over til the fat lady sings and that how its gonna be so I'm cool. Throw me all u want into the dust, I'm gonna get right back up, clean myself and keep going. Ain't that the truth! So, its all good. Nothing much happening this side of the river and such. I saw Obioma at the mall and he was giving me some hell funny looks. I was thinking to myself what the hell is all that about? I do not have anytime for him or his girl either. Does he think I have something to do with their breakup? Who knows. Well I personally don't

Sunday 10

Today's question is simple really. Can a long distance relationship last? What kind of steps would u have to take to work it out? I ask because I don not know. I have always been of the opinion that long distance relationships cannot work brcause unless one person is moving in the no distant future then, y'all are making it hard on yourselves. Now for the 64 million dollar question, is it possible to find or be with a man who will never be unfaithful to you? I really mean never as in never ever? That has always been my fear in relationships and one time when I discussed it with my friend Chioma, she was like well men will be men and sometimes, you have to take what life brings. Thats really scary. I have no plans of ever been unfaithful to my husband, is that too much to ask of him?

Saturday 23

Wow, I've really slacked off. Well, what can I say? Nothing to write basically. I'm fine and I'm doing well.Heard a group of young boys talking about girls. If there is something I hate, its boys talking about girls and I don't care what they are saying you know, like good or bad. I just don't want to hear. The little boys aged around 17 or so were arguing over who spoke to a girl first and after arguing for a while, one of them walked off making this parting remark as he left "well, she gave me her number and after I'm done f**king her, I'll have her call you. Okay now! Listen up boys, its about time y'all gave us our due respect. What was that all about and what was I doing listening to a group of young pimp wannabes arguing? Search me!

Sunday 24

Sometimes I think my parents should have named me "Eventually" because that would have described me more than my real name. I am such a big procrasinator and statistics have shown that can be a major factor in failure to achieve goals. Somehow I think its time to see a shrink cos something is wrong here. Meanwhile I heard rumors that Ada is pregnant. For who? I couldn't say. But right now, my dilemma is this. Should I ask her? Or should I wait for her to bring it up? I favor the later. No need for me to invilve myself in wahala. If she wants to talk about ti, ok if not I'm fine too.

Monday 25

The rain always gives me mixed feelings. On one hand it makes me want to rush for my bed and on the other, it frustrates me. Why these are opposites? Because I love my bed and on the other hand I know I have things to do that I cannot do because of the rain. Any way sha, thank you Lord for everything.

Tuesday 26Time flies. September is gone already! Wow. Actually, I don't mind cos when time flies, that means whatever you're doing is interesting enough to keep your attention or at least thats what I believe. We learn something new everyday. I never knew the original Australians were black. They can now be compared to the Native Americans or the Indian Americans as we sometimes call them. The aussies are called aboriginals and yesterday in the Olympics for the first time, an aborigine won a gold medal. Hurray!

Thursday 28

Its good to be alive though. Hey what can I say, sometimes you get that feelings and other times you are going "what the f**k is going on?". Thats life. So the olympics are going on and headed towards the end and how many medals has Nigeria won? Only one silver that I know of. Perhaps there is more. We're slipping as each year goes by. Very soon nobody will be competing for Nigeria in the Olympics. Hurray! Giant of Africa. Way to go!