Friday 04

Its seems the latest thing is for babes to get pregnant and get married to the bobo responsible. I'm talking about Nigerian girls. This month I've heard about 4 already. I know thats not really a new thing but I think its kinda popular right now. Well chicas, I don't blame y'all. I don't mean to say y'all are doing it on purpose but I think thats nice you know instead of an abortion all the time. Well, when you "forget" your protection. But still the deal is this, there's a lot out there so please cover up!.

Thursday 10

Its been a long time ... yada, yada, yada. Hey diary!I'm back. Little hiatus going on there for a little while.So many things passing through my mind. I took a class recently and though I loved the class,I regret taking it. It was Bible as Literature and we were to look at the bible from a literary point of view. Now this might seem obvious, but did you know that the Creation story is mythical? Firstly how did the writer know? Was he there? I hear somebody say by divine inspiration but that story parallels to many other Creation stories in different cultures. Why is that? The gospels were not eye witness accounts as I thought and Moses did not write the Pentateuch(five books of old Testament) Wait a minute! I'm left with nothing. What will I believe in now? Karl Marx said "religion is the opium of the masses" Oh how right he is because we all have to believe in something and I think the mere idea of believing that there is somebody out there watching out for me makes me feel a whole lot better. I can tell you right now, some things I don't wanna know. I loved the way I felt about the bible before. Now I can't think of a biblical expression without wondering if it was literal or symbolic. Well thanking you so much for taking away my little sanctuary, Prof. Miller!.

Thursday 17

Time flies. Especially when you do not want it to. Its already mid-August and I think I've gained a hundred pounds and its not funny at all. I'll tell you how it happened. I used to work out at Bally's Total Fitness last summer. Damn! the bods there were totally ghettofabulous including yours truly. Psych! Na lie oh! Not mine though. So I decided to buy my own treadmill and work out at home all the time. Guess how much time I've spent on it since I bought it? Nada, Zilch, nil thats how many times. My first mistake was that I did not put it in front of the TV. Got to have my TV on secondly, I did not remember my procrasinating nature now I'm fat and still have a treadmill to pay for. Maybe I'll hire a personal trainer next.Things are lookijng up. Ada and Obioma are still broken up. I must confess, I'm surprised its lasted this long the breakup I mean. Ada is taking hard and I don't know about Obioma. Well I hope things work out for them either way and as for Charles, slick thing nowhere to be seen

Saturday 19

Diary I believe breaking up should come with a contract. You know, you both agree not to contact each other. I'm talking about serious breakups, the kind you know in your heart will never be worked out. Maybe some people never go through that phase, they always vacillate, break up, make up, break up again and yada, yada. I am not like that. I mean I work things out sometimes with my boyfriend but I know when its over. So back to my opinion, this is to ensure that they don't come back to disturb you later. I got this call from my last boyfriend. We broke up in January and I was surprised so I go " why are you calling me?" and he tried to waffle through it so I'm like no, no, no I do not want this. Don't call me. Erase my memory from your head. I do not want you up in my business and he tries to explain stuff. I don't want to know! Just go away and never come back please. And he called me on my cell phone! I know I only called him once with that number. Since January he's had it! Na wa oh.Now if I had asked him to call me, he would have forgotten the number. Men they are just too had to figure out. Any way, he's out of the picture and there ain't no way he's coming back into it. As for his number, I'm going to put it on as many chattrooms as I can saying "Call me for free phone sex at .... I mean it, I will do it.


I must be the brokest chick in the world right now. I knew this would happen, took precautions and yet it still did. Na wa oh! We were having a service talk at work yesterday and were supposed to watch a video. We cut off the lights and tried to turn it into a mini movie theatre. So much for trying to keep us informed. Well as for my brokeness, I hope it will pass as all others have. Met a new guy online. Lets see what all the fuss and muss about cyberlove is. Diary, wish me luck.

Saturday 26

Things are looking up. School is starting on Monday. I cannot say I'm ready but thats not the point, the point is that I have no choice. Its cool though. I'm about getting ready to puke at this Real World, New Orleans. Its the driest in recent history. No sparks, certainly no flames what so ever. Those people bore me to death. And as for big mouth Melissa, she needs to grow up. No doubt, it is not easy to be lack or the product of an interracial union but you cannot go about moping around because of it and it cannot be your reason for not trying to be whatever you want to be. A message for the wise -A bad workman quarrels with his tools.

Tuesday 29

Scholl has started and my life has started being miserable again. Woke up late for my 8am(why do they insist on having classes by that time)and I have a strong feeling that might be the pattern for that class. Let me kuku give my tape recorder to someone to do for me abi? Well, diary things are looking up now and at the same time, getting worse. Hard to figure out right? Same way I feel. But I'm going to put my head into it and figure this all out some way. I'm getting tired of living like this. Now its straighten things out or die!I'm on a mission.