June, Wednesday 14, 2000

I salute una my people. It took me a lot of effort to put up my diary for everybody to see. My mother used to say "a woman should have some secrets" but here I am putting up mine for everybody to see. Still what can I say? Two heads are better than one my people so I shall be calling on all of you to give me some advice. Thanks in advance.

A little about me. I'm 26, in my last year of college and I'm desperately searching. Yes I said it! Desperately searching. I am majoring in Communications and I live in an apartment off school. I'm dark-skinned, average looking and I think I'm nice to hang with. I don't date a lot. Shh, don't ask me why. Sistahs y'all know why. Few good men out there. But I have to go for now. I'll tell you more tomorrow.


June Friday 16.

Hi diary.Couldn't make it yesterday but I'm here today so lets chill. Got a summer job today. I know, I know,rather late in the day but just got around to it. So I'm gonna be a security guard and stuff. I just hope its not too stressful because that is the major thing with this place. Every thing stresses. You know? You cannot seem to spend a day without worrying about something or perhaps,is it just me? Met this guy too. Charles is his name . I'm not really looking for anything but I'm ready to hang out with him. It don't matter. Oh well thats my day for you. Toodle-do diary.


June Saturday 17

Charles called me today by 2.00am. Yes he did! I was like what is going on through your mind? Cos y'all know what time that this. Booty-call time. When the psyche is at its lowest, one cowardly guy calling talking about coming over. I had to set him straight. I may be in America but I'm not American, not yet. So please don't be trying those freaky moves on me. He started complaining about naija babes giving guys an unnecessarily hard time. Hey I don't remember anybody putting a gun to your head to talk to a naija babe. If you feel they are giving you too hard a time, best move on to a "shaniqua" or a "shauntay." That is how I feel.

Tuesday 20

I haven't heard from Charles but thats okay. I believe in speaking my mind. My phone was ringing off the hook today. It seems its today everybody remembered me. Ada and I are going on a bus trip to Delaware. I hope it will be fun. I had to cut her conversation short though. Girlfriend can get rather garrulous and I'm geting a little sick of her and Obioma. They break up like every week and Ada always insists on giving me the full details only for you to see them clinging to each other extra tight at the next party. This type love sef!


Friday 21

My fly was open today probably all day long. A cab driver told me. Boy was I mortified. But anyways, stuff happens. Anyway what was the cab driver looking at that he noticed my open fly? Driving, man you should be concentrating on the road, not on people's bodies. Okay! Now I feel better. I don't know about you but it irritates me to see a full-blooded naija person not here up to six months trying to force american accent. I mean you have to speak what they will understand but do you have to do the whole drawl thoing and the ebonics thing at the same time? I mean lets keep it real, with passage of time, it might be impossible not to speak that way but when you are new, please just listen and learn. Chekina!

Thursday, 28

Hi, diary. I'm sorry I've not be faithfully keeping you up to date but bear with me cos I'm new to this. But everything is so-so and I'm keeping, at least for now. My trip to Delaware was cancelled. I don't feel like doing anything these days. Charles called. After the long silence, I was surprised but I did not say anything. We are going to Republic Gardens on Saturday. Cool but if I don't feel like it, I'm cancelling. That area be crowded like hell and I'm not sure thats cene is for me right now. Saw Obioma in his brand new Lexus with ... no not Ada but some other chick. Hmm! Does my girl know about it? Anyway let me not go overboard with the suspicion. It might not that. But anyways that's me for today.

Friday 30

Charles and I went to Georgetown today. I love me some Ben & Jerry's icecream. Hung out at the shops there. Its amazing. They think they are slick. Their's is no longer a mall but just shops at Georgetown Park. I mean if you don't go there you will never know there is a mall there. Sorry, y'all can't keep us out. Know what I mean? Shhh. Well Charles and I really bonded and all but I still think he's slick. Kevin is back at work today! Lord I'm going to tell y'all about this guy. I have the biggest crush on him. He's back! He's back! I'm singing. I saw this guy today. He claims to be a brother but this brother be pawing me any time he comes around. I blew him off today. Dirty old man! Ashawo!