T.I.G (Trust In God)

"Trust, trust, come and see" cried out Joshua from the bedroom. Taiwo and Kehinde who were in their room giggled. They always giggled when they heard their father calling their mother Trust when her name was Bukola. From giggling, they both burst out laughing. Bukola who was passing by their bedroom popped in her head and asked "why are you laughing?" Kehinde laughed even harder. Of the two, Kehinde was the more boisterous one. She was extremely bold and always got into trouble in school. She fought with both the boys and the girls but both her parents and her teachers put it down to the natural exuberance of seven year olds. Taiwo on the other hand was shy and retiring. She was also the older twin. Bukola was happy that Taiwo was older maybe she could tone Kehinde down a lit as they got older.
"Mummy" cried out Kehinde "why does Daddy call you Trust when your name is Bukola"
Shaking her head, Bukola laughed softly, "You want to know everything, don't you?
"Yes, yes I do" chirped Kehinde
"Me too, me too" added Taiwo
"Ok, follow me" said Bukola laughing as she strode into her bedroom where her husband was sitting on the bed.
"Joshua, these troublesome kids want to know why you call me Trust"
"Ha, ha. They do, don't they?"
"Thats what they say"
"Ok, now tell them"
"Its a very long story oh" Bukola warned her kids.
"Ok" they both giggled

"When I was 18" she started "I got admitted into University of Nigeria, Nsukka. All my life, I had lived in the West, in Ibadan and had never travelled outside the state before so I was very excited. My parents did not want me to go because they thought it was too far but they had to agree since it was for education. So on the day I was supposed to travel, my mother took me to the bus station and bought a bus ticket for me. I had decided to travel at night because it made more sense. You arrived there in broad daylight and conducted your business. So, I got on the bus and around 10pm we started on the journey. All was nice and quiet until suddenly the bus stopped and a woman started screaming. Everybody in the bus started panicking and trying to get out of the bus, one man actually broke one of the windows with his hand and was bleeding all over the place as he jumped out through the window. Eventually, everybody got out of the bus and the next thing we knew, we were surrounded by a group of men wearing face masks.
"Everybody, flat on the floor" one of them screamed and everybody threw themselves to the ground
"Who just come from America wey dey for this bus?" the same voice asked. Everybody remained silent
"Somebody answer me now, now" he screamed again.
"Who just come from America wey dey for this bus?"
From somewhere to my right, a woman started screaming "I no know oh, I no know. Next thing we knew, they dragged the woman to the side of the bus and we heard some screamings as the thieves were questioning the woman, one of the men dragged her to where her luggages were and quickly carried out her boxes and then proceeded to shoot her twice in the head. Everybody was mortified and nobody could say a word as we all held our breath wondering what they would do next. The men quickly picked up her handbag and fired some shots in the air while a couple of them made off with the boxes belonging to the dead woman. It was a full ten minutes before anybody stirred from the floor after they had left. The woman was lying in a puddle of blood in a corner and the driver of the bus was in one corner dead, apparently one of the bullets fired in the air by the thieves had hit him.
"Wetin we go do now?" asked a light-skinned young girl with her hands on her hips as we all gathered around the driver of the bus
"Me, I don go" said an older man standing next to her "them fit come back". As soon as he said that, everybody stirred, picked up whatever they could pick up in a hurry and started moving. Nobody wanted to be there if the thieves changed their minds and came back. I too picked up my box and immediately I regretted packing all the things I had packed because my box was so heavy, I could not move it.
"Do you need any help with that?" came a voice from behind. I jumped, the memory of what just happened was too fresh.
"Sorry, I did not mean to startle you" the owner of the voice said stepping out from the darkness "its just that you seem to be struggling with these two boxes."
"Yes, I do need some help. Thank you very much
"Damn" he said as soon as he picked up one of the boxes "these boxes are heavy. What do you have in them?"
"Oh, sorry. Just my whole life" I replied with a sheepish smile.

We started walking as far away as we could from the site of the accident and then I looked back and said to the guy helping me "And to think that the name of this bus is "Trust in God" now two people are dead"
"Na wa, this life is too complicated" he replied.We were able to get another bus that took us to Enugu. It was a very rough journey. Neither your father whose name I found out to be Joshua nor I could get any sleep because we were so jumpy. Eventually we got to Enugu around 12noon the next day and I decided to find my way to Nsukka village. To my surprise and secret happiness, your father offered to go with me and so we set off for nsukka. As a first year student I was so thrilled when I got accomodation, I really could not believe my luck.... The phone rang and Bukola went to pick it up. It was her second cousin Biola calling to say she wanted to come and spend the forthcoming weekend with them. That was no problem for Bukola because Bioal was very nice and helpful. She assured her that with would be okay for her to come and went to the kitchen to start breakfast in advance for the following day. As she peeled the yams for the yam pottage, she reminsced over her relationship with Joshua

Settling in was quite easy for her. There were people from every tribe at Nsukka, it was in no way localized. She quickly made friends with Akunna and Bidemi who everybody called Demi. Demi had spent a good proportion of her life in the United Kingdom and was determined to let everybody know it. But still she was a very smart girl and her grades really reflected that. Bukola was quite surprised that Demi was interested in having her as a friend but then again Bukola wasn't exactly a village girl though she had spent her entire life in Ibadan. Demi always teased her about her budding relationship with Joshua who showed up at Bukola's hostel every weekend. Joshua was kind of shy and rarely had too much to say but he treated her decently

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