"Hey, hey" called Mena to a figure rushing down the street.
"Oh, hi" replied Judith somewhat hesitantly because though Mena lived down her street, they had never spoken a word to each other. She wondered why she was beckoning her.
"Do you know Lucas?" Mena asked her.
"No, who is he?" asked Judith.
"Oh, he lives on Ogun Lane and he asked me to invite you to his party next Friday" Mena said.
"So why didn't he ask me himself?" returned Judith frowning
"I think he did not want to get turned down" said Mena smiling "Will you come?"
Judith did not respond at once. She did not really like to associate with the people in the neighborhood because of their penchant for gossip but still she was entitled to have a little fun.
"Ok, I'll be there. Bye" said Judith hurrying up to catch a bus to Ojuelegba before the rain started again.

"Hmm this party was really nice" remarked Judith to Mena as they walked home from the bus stop.
"Yes, it was" said Mena moving her body to music heard only by herself. "Ok . I'll see you later" said Mena when they got in front of her house. Judith walked on home. She had enjoyed the party immensely meeting some nice-looking boys especially Tony.

'Where exactly are we going" asked Judith as they hopped onto a bus going to Ajegunle.
"Oh, to see Macaulay my friend" replied Mena.
"Yes I know that but where exactly" retorted Judith.
"He lives at Olodi Apapa, one more bus and we'll be there" said Mena patiently.
"Ok thats better" said Judith
Judith like Macaulay on sight but she was surprised to learn that he was not dating Mena and they were just friends. Before they left, Macaulay invited Judith to go to a concert at Lekki beach. She accepted and promised to visit him before the concert.

"You are not a friend, you're a backbiter" screamed Mena
"What are you talking about?" asked Judith puzzled.
"So now you go to Macaulay's house everyday eh?"asked Mena pointing at Judith.
"Do you have a problem with that, Mena?" asked Judith.
"Yes, I introduced him to you" insisted Mena
"And so ..." said Judith
"What is going on here?" asked Mrs Adeduwon, Judith's mother.
"Nothing, nothing Ma" repiled Judith quickly.
"Then come inside" said Mrs Adeduwon eyeing Mena who was standing with her arms folded and had not greeted her. Inside the house Mrs Adeduwon was very angry with her daughter and made her promise not to associate with the girl again. In the meantine, the relationship between Macaulay and Judith grew stronger and they both talked of marriage later down the line.

But Mena and Judith made up and got admitted into the same university at Umuahia. Both of them had never been to the East but they were determined to go to the school so they both packed up and left for Imo State. Mena, being the life of the party wasted no time in knowing all the interesting people both in the school and outside and she and Judith always spent their weekends going on trips outside Umuahia or visiting friends. Unfortunately, that same year, Mena's parents died in a nasty road accident and she was left to fend for herslf and her two younger siblings. With no means of earning money, Mena decided to turn her people skills to making money.

"Never, I will never do such a thing" vowed Judith when Mena told her her plans
"You are doing it already, whats the difference?" Mena pointed out.
"The difference is that I am not standing by the wayside waiting for total strangers to pick me up" said Judith and with that she flounced out of the room they were sharing. Still, a few months later, Judith could not help noticing that Mena was never broke and she envied her slightly. Everyday, the cost of living was rising and her parents could barely manage to make ends meet. Just the other day she had to pay five hundred naira for a handout. The lecturer had recorded their names and promised to fail anybody that did not buy the handout. Life could be so hard sometimes. Macaulay did his best but he was only a civil servant and could not afford to spend a lot on her. Still, she did not want to go to such lengths.

"Oh, my God, our names are in the campus magazine" screamed Judith.
"Let me see, let me see" said Mena excitedly.
"Here" said Judith reading from the magazine "guess the big chicks on the roadside selling their bodies? Miss Mudith and Miss Jena. The duo were seen on Michael Okpara Street hawking it all away. Na wa for Nigerian girls!"
"F**k them! What is their business?" screamed Mena annoyed "I will show all of them. Stupid boys, I know its them. They claim to be your friends. When I take them out, they eat all they can and then start writing about me in this nonsense magazine!"
Judith on the other hand was crying. She held out for so long but with the retirement of her father, things had become even tighter than before and she had let Mena persuade her into going with her. She never imagined that it would be a source of gossip for the school and it was too easy to figure out who the article was about. How was she going to show her face in her classes? she asked herself. But as it turned out, the article brought even more boys to their room wanting to get a share of the windfall.They figured if the men spent on the girls, the girls would probably spend on them too.

"Is it true what I am hearing?" said Anna, one of Judith's friend.
"What did you hear?" asked Judith
"That Mena is getting married" said Bolanle standing with them
"Ha, ha" laughed Judith "yes, she is. And to a rich guy too named Andrew."
"Maybe, but does he know about her?" asked Anna pointed referring to Mena's lifestyle.
"Yes he does and so what?" asked Judith "stop being jealous, you two, find your own man."
"Where is yours?" asked Anna
"In my pocket" replied Judith. And with that they all walked to the cafeteria to get some food.

"Ha! Mena. We all thought you were not coming back to school again" shrieked Ufoma on seeing Mena alight from a nice grey Mercedes Benz. "Yes, I decided to, my sister" said Mena happy to be back in school "Andrew and I decided it was better for me to finish up than quit."
"Yes that is true. Its better" said Ufoma. Mena had decided to still share a room with Judith though she could afford to live all on her own but she still preferred to stay with Judith. Judith was not home when they knocked on the door so Mena went with Ufoma to her room to wait for Judith to come back.

"That looks like Andrew" thought Judith to herself when a grey Mercedes Benz sped by. It was 2 o'clock in the morning and she had had no customers. And then she saw the Mercedez Benz backing up towards her. "Hey Judith " said a voice she instantly recognized as Andrew's "What are you doing here" he asked
"Waiting for a friend" she lied.
"Indeed," Andrew thought to himself, You little liar. "Okay, can I give you a lift?" he said
"Ok" she said relieved that he did not say anything about what she was wearing. A few minutes later Judith said "Where are we going?"
"Let me pick up few friends from Liveboat Night Club" he said.
Judith relaxed, and started singing along to the radio. At the night club Andrew picked up two men and they sat in the back. When they reached Umuahara Road, Andrew made a left turn. "No Andrew, its left" pointed out Judith. Andrew did not say anything and continued driving.
"Andr..." said Judith
"Shut up!" said one of the men in the back.
"Where are we going?" asked Judith
Silence. Nobody said anything. Judith started crying. When they got to Orji Road, Andrew stopped , got out and dragged her out. "Please, please no, please no" pleaded Judith.
"Shut up" Andrew screamed at her dragging her towards the thick bushes by the side of the road. One of the men brought out a machete from the boot of the car and the other carried a black nylon bag. They dragged Judith to the bushes and cut off her head. They put the head in the bag and ran into the car and sped off.

"Nobody saw Judith for two weeks but a headless body was found on Orji Road and when I heard about it, I quickly ran there and lo and behold it was Judith. I don't know who did that to her but God will never the person" concluded Mena to her husband
"Hmm" Andrew grunted and continued eating. They had just moved into a bigger house and Andrew had bought her a new car. Everything was fine but she missed Judith who had disappeared last semester. Her parents had been heartbroken when she had told them the news. And as for Macaulay, he went completely berserk accusing Mena of killing his future wife. But the living had to go on living she said to her self as she tidied her husband's dressing table. The green purse in the drawer was strangely unfamiliar yet familiar. She knew she had seen that purse before. "Oh my God" she screamed when she opened the purse.
"What is it?" asked her husband coming into the room.
"Whose purse is this? How did it get here?" she asked holding up the purse in front of her husband.
"I-I-I d-o-n-t k-n-o-w" stuttered Andrew
"She always carried this purse Andrew, how did it get here?" screamed Mena.
"How did it get here? Did you see her? Did you see her? cried Mena
"N-o, n-o, stop this" said Andrew holding Mena by her arms "stop I said. What is wrong with you?"
"Judith never goes anywhere without this purse" Mena said shaking her head " where is she?"
Where did you find the purse?" she asked.
"I don't know how it got here so don't ask me" replied Andrew. Mena lifted out the whole drawer and threw it on the floor. Different articles of female jewelry and underwear fell out. Seizing on a gold chain Mena screamed " her chain, this is her chain. Oh my God, I'm dead." With her hands in the air Mena ran outside screaming.

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