Short stories are my passion. Dear readers enjoy. Don't forget to sign my guest book on your way out.

Bim's Baby It was a mistake but she had to pay the price.

One's Best Friend Judith and Mena came from way back but how were they to know that they would be separated by a loved one?

Immaculate Conception Pregnancy without a husband? Shameful! Pregnancy without conception? Only in the bible. The story of a young girl who life dealt a hand she did not expect

Immaculate Conception II The truth is out. Sometimes, it can even be stranger than fiction

Diala's Dream The nightmare stopped once she left home only to return when she came back. What was its meaning?

Been-To! Born in America, schooling in Nigeria. Experiences of a teenager.NEW

T.I.G (Trust In God) Love Story. Coming soon

Cracks in My Sidewalk Completed

A liar and a Gentleman Coming Soon

Not the Marrying Kind Coming Soon

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