The Other Woman

I'm sorry.
Never meant to be the cause of your heartbreak
How could I have known?
At the party we met, he was alone
While we were courting, he was the best
He never gave me reason to suspect
Yes I know, it was too good to be true
But believe me I looked
Turned his property upside down
While he was out, but found nothing
Called all the numbers in his address book
They turned out to be legit
Now you show up
When his ring is on my finger
And say he swore undying love for you
Your proof, his baby
And I die, standing at the door
He says it was a one night stand
You show me pictures of places you went together
He says the baby is not his
The paternity test says he is not excluded
But my confusion remains
You loved him first
But he married me
You have his baby
But he has a commitment to me
Am I the other woman or are you?

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