LeShawn's Story: Say a Prayer for Me

Deep inside, I know I'm beautiful

I may not say it, but I have strong feelings too.

Live the life I live, you are bound to think like me

So when you come around asking why,

Why I do the things I do

I'm liable to say "Damn man! I've got to survive"

But deep inside, "say a prayer for me" I think

My life is on the line daily

My thinking is warped and I prey on my own for a living

I've got to find a way out of this ghetto

Not the outside ghetto

But the ghetto inside my soul

You wonder how this could be hard

But we are all products of our environment

If you are a lawyer, your parents were probably educated

Or at least interested in education

But here, I'm put to work selling on the corner

My folks still battling with themselves to think of me

Say a prayer for me

For me and little De Marco

That we will find our way out of here

Say a prayer for all of us

That our tomorrow will be better than our yesterday

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