Did I call?

I saw you last night
Right at the spot we last stood
Did I imagine the tears streaming down your eyes?
So forlorn you looked
The dejection clear in your slumped shoulders
Your misery so strong, I could feel it from afar
Yet I can only sigh
As I drag my eyes away and move on
I really need to be alone
To sort the feelings out
Ah! These feelings!
To love and yet not to love
I see you and my heart flutters
Yet my feet remain unmoving
I want you to hold me so
But I shrink from your touch
Oh! This war in me
So finally, I made you leave
I needed a sign that you were mine
I still wait for that sign
But lately, I having been feeling blue
Blue and incomplete
But how can I call you?
Lately, you have been in my dreams
And then yesterday, you were at my door
"You called me" you said
Through telepathy, I did
Maybe this was the sign I had been waiting for
Was this a sign from heaven
Or had I picked up the phone and called him?

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