Life's Changing Regimes

Life is fun
but change is imminent
life's fun only remains sweet
when the fun-generating source
is constantly renewed.
(ie changed or at least refurbished).
When our current source of joy and fun
experiences many sunsets,
it yearns for a change.
The above is very understandable.
Meanwhile, when it does get the change,
it (the new source of fun) does not still last.
This is the dynamics of life's fun.

Love & pleasure "is" life's fun
love is pleasure but, ..
pleasure may be also be love.
When we erroneously seek pleasure
instead of love,
we actively get involved with
seeking new fun-toys.
We are but human
we understand why.

Life is full of wickedness and evil.
very few are things
that put smiles on our faces.
with so much fun,
at least, our lives might be extended a bit.
In fact, what is life
and why all these struggles,
if we can't just make ourselves happy too?

The mind is a complex machine.
It yearns for a change.
when love sets in,
the mind wants to remain with it.
but when the fun goes down,
the mind will yearn for an alternative
not necessarily throwing away the former love.
It strongly holds on to the former
but diligently seeks fresh blood.

its an addiction
its not easy to hold back oneself.
we are all way or the other

But we make a mistake!
We need to look well..
. gaze again at that love ur mind had found
look intently.
what do u see?

I see an inexhaustible source of new joy and fun,
if only it is rubbed in the right place;
If the love is studied and allowed to live
life at full crush,
it will bring us to its heaven.
We easily are fooled by the things our mind tell us
when it sets its eyes on a new-found source of fun.
It tells us that...
this is IT!
this is my ideal!
This is what i need!
Come to think of...
How many times have ur mind told u that?
That is human mind for u.

Well, after crying last night
after the darkest night of my life,
when i thought the day won't break,
when i thought i had lost all,
i told myself one thing....
I shall never again
allow my mind ruin me.
I shall not fall to any skirmish of my mind.
I shall either seek a new source of joy
so that i know exactly who she is...
or I look intently into my current
source of fun
to find out where lies the
inexhaustible fun depot.

Because the truth is...
from what i hear and see...
I'm very very tired
of finding and losing
very very tired.